Brand Stories


Cultiver is one of our most loved brands here at Father Rabbit, by both our customers and our staff! We are New Zealand’s exclusive stockist of Cultiver, supplying our customers with gorgeous linen pieces that are thoughtfully created with quality at the forefront of design.

Founded by Nicolle Sullivan in Australia, the Cultiver brand embraces having quality and beauty in the objects we use in our homes everyday. Their products look effortless and timeless, with a link to the relaxed way of Australian life.

At the heart of Cultiver’s fabulous products is the high quality materials they use. Our range of Cultiver is packed with gorgeous linen pieces that feel and look amazing in the living room, on the table and in the bedroom. At Cultiver they know that to get the most amazing linen, they need to seek materials that are derived from European flax. Flax is a super sustainable crop that is also fantastically resilient and grows better naturally than other crops used for fabrics like cotton. Cultiver sources their linen from Europe as the climate is wonderful for growing the flax plant into the highest quality globally. Once harvested, the flax is then dyed to a desired colour, then woven into fabric and ready to be made into Cultiver’s gorgeous products.

Once this beautiful linen has been transformed into bedding, table cloths, cushion covers or more, Cultiver then carries out one more step to get these products feeling gorgeously soft and preserving their longevity. The linen is stonewashed with natural enzymes which speeds up the softening that naturally comes with every wash as linen ages. This gives your linen that vintage feel from the very first use! Without the incorporation of an enzyme wash, it would otherwise take years to achieve this feel in linen.

We stock a lovely colour range of Cultiver’s bedding and cushions, with all colours working effortlessly together and having a timeless look that never goes out of style. If you’d like to test the waters before purchasing your beautiful new linen, we offer swatch samples so you can choose the perfect colour for you and your home! Get in contact with us to order your swatches.


Here at Father Rabbit we have an amazing range of jackets and coats by the wonderful brand Rains. We thought it would be great to share with you why we love this brand and their products so you can learn a little more about the lovely jackets you’ve been seeing in our stores all this time. 


Rains comes from rainy Denmark at the edge of the European continent, close to the ocean and with prevailing westerly winds; all factors that contribute to an average of 121 rain days each year. Arising from these rainy weather conditions comes the attitude that a quick rain shower may be beautiful, as well as moody, but first and foremost it requires the right outfit. Rains focuses on the whole experience of going outside on rainy days, issuing an invitation to explore even in the most mercurial weather.


Beginning their journey in 2012, the Scandinavian company first launched with just one product, a rain poncho. With great feedback and ever growing love for their products, Rains has since created waterproof bags, clothing and accessories. They are now well known internationally for their quality wet weather solutions that are designed to mix function with fashion. Although the brand grew from the wild and wet weather of Denmark, all of the Rains products are designed to suit global weather conditions. Every aspect of these jackets are carefully considered to ensure they perform beautifully in even the stormiest of weather, from durable fabric down to rust proof zips and buttons. 

With an abundance of colour options and the majority of the Rains jackets being unisex, it is super easy to find the perfect jacket to suit your lifestyle. The classic jacket is a simple style that we love for day to day wear in the colder, stormier months. With loads of clever features like adjustable cuffs and ultrasonically welded seams, you can trust this jacket to keep you happy and dry. This jacket is also kitted with a cap styled hood to provide extra coverage for your face and hair. If you’re after more protection from wet weather, opt for the longer style of this jacket.

The Rains W range and the Curve Jacket both offer the same glorious shield from the wet weather, whilst also emphasising the female silhouette with ties at the waist. These are perfect for complimenting your outfit underneath and can be happily worn once indoors and out of the weather.

We also have the Rains Camp Anoraks, a contemporary take on the classic anorak this style is designed as a weatherproof piece of modern street wear that can double as a raincoat and windbreaker. For the sporty and adventurous types out there, we have the Rains breaker. Designed with the same principles as the other jackets, this style has added features to make it more flexible and lightweight so it is more comfortable for exploring the outdoors.


Store your Rains jacket in your car or tote bag to always be ready to take on a bit of drizzle without it interfering with your day. Pop into one of our stores to try on this fabulous rainwear or alternatively explore our range on our site now!

James Ay

We are so excited to announce that Father Rabbit is now stocking the stunning James Ay sunglasses. This brand just felt so right as soon as we discovered it, they have fabulous morals and of course a gorgeous range of sunglasses that we can’t wait for you to get your hands on. Keep on reading to discover all the goodness James Ay has to offer.

James Ay was created as a lovely tribute to the modern inventor of sunglasses, James Ayschough who lived between 1720 and 1759. Ayschough deeply believed in the benefits of glasses and how they could not only improve sharpness in our sight, but also colour. James Ay like to think of their brand more as a philosophy and their products are an aid to exploring and experimenting “all layers of life.” They believe in making the most out of every second of life and have designed their sunglasses for dreamers, enthusiasts and doers. For James Ay, sunglasses aren’t a fashion statement, instead they think they are part of the moments in life that are enjoyed and well lived.

All of James Ay’s beautiful sunglass styles are handmade using sustainable Italian bio acetate. This material is made from an innovative formula that blends cellulose acetate with a plasticiser from natural sources. This is made from fibres of seeds and fibres of wood, making it 100% biodegradable, meaning that once your sunglasses have lived their life to the fullest, you can rest assured knowing they won’t leave a mark on our earth. They have both unisex styles, as well as individuals more catered to either women or men. 

The brand has four beliefs at the forefront of their designs, the first being that “there is no fashion like timeless.” The fast fashion industry creates mindless consumerism that ultimately ends in waste, something that James Ay doesn’t want to be a part of. Instead they have turned their focus on designing quality, long lasting products that will withstand trends that come and go. 

James Ay knows that in order to produce sunglasses that will be loved and enjoyed by all, no compromises could be made when it came to the quality of their materials, designs and production. This quality is what turns these gorgeous glasses into an experience rather than just another accessory in your wardrobe. 

The third rule in James Ay’s list to thoughtful design, is that there must be a story worth telling behind the product. All of their products are designed with the purpose of communicating an opinion or story, to pose a question or to answer one. 

Lastly, James Ay is sustainable at heart. They know they aren’t perfect in terms of sustainability, but they believe in doing the best you can. James Ay is forever investigating new ways to make the best choices for the planet and its beings, and will continue to support projects they believe in. 

The brand currently donates to One Tree Planted and Empower, two movements that believe in improving our impact on this earth. One Tree Planted is an environmental charity thats mission is to make helping the environment easy for everyone through the planting of trees. One dollar equals one tree, and with each pair of sunglasses purchased from James Ay, a tree will be planted in North America, South America, Asia or Africa. This not only helps the earth, but also creates jobs and builds communities.

Empower is an organisation based on the idea of utilising technology to improve both the economy and environment. They are building a global plastic waste ecosystem that follows the idea of using financial rewards as a prompt for people to deposit their plastic waste. With each James Ay order, an entire kilogram of plastic waste is removed from our ecosystem.

We absolutely love these thoughtfully designed sunglasses and the story behind the James Ay brand. Pop into our Orakei and Herne Bay stores to try on these stunning sunglasses today, or take a peak at them online.