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Father Rabbit, a New Zealand-based multi-brand store, is a true testament to the vision and passion of its founders, Claudia Zinzan and Nick Hutchinson. Established in 2010, this delightful retail destination has evolved into much more than just a store; it's a place where aesthetics and functionality harmoniously blend to create an unforgettable shopping experience.

At its inception, Father Rabbit focused on offering enduring and practical home items. Over the years, the brand has expanded its horizons, seamlessly incorporating a diverse range of offerings into its portfolio. Today, Father Rabbit is not just a purveyor of homeware but a one-stop-shop for gifts, beauty, fashion, baby clothes, toys, and accessories.

What sets Father Rabbit apart is its unwavering dedication to go above and beyond.

The team at Father Rabbit takes pride in providing comprehensive knowledge about the products they offer. When you walk into one of their beautiful store locations, you're not just greeted with a friendly smile, but with an abundance of information and guidance to help you make informed choices.

Moreover, the service provided by Father Rabbit is more than just transactional; it's underpinned by thoughtfulness and consideration. Whether you're a regular customer or a first-time visitor, you can expect a level of service that is attentive, empathetic, and personalized to your needs.

Father Rabbit's selection of products is a testament to their commitment to sustainability and longevity. They carefully curate an assortment of New Zealand and international brands that share their values. 

Father Rabbit is a place where aesthetics meet utility, where comprehensive knowledge meets thoughtful service, and where sustainability meets style. Whether you're shopping for your home, your wardrobe, or your little ones, Father Rabbit is more than a retail destination; it's an experience that enriches your life in more ways than one.



Father Rabbit is the alter ego of Claudia Zinzan and Nick Hutchinson.

Father Rabbit seems to resonate in some way with most of us. Whether you always adhere to his strict doctrine, or if you’re just trying to (re)impose them in some facet of your life… your kitchen, your linen cupboard, your handbag. Father Rabbit's General Store presents his carefully curated picks of products that are at once practical and pleasing in both form and function. There’s an underlying sense of quality and timelessness, they’re tried and true.

Father Rabbit doesn't subscribe to some deeply intellectual philosophy, just an appreciation of simplicity.

He believes that things should be done right, or not at all. Father Rabbit is not about grand gestures, but elevating those mundane everyday tasks. Embracing the simple pleasure of a well made bed (with ironed pillowcases) and completing a bathroom clean with fresh cut flowers. His heart sings with the freedom of organization. Books in line, cans facing out, drawers tidy, garden weeded, tools away. Ticking each job off. Finishing one, before starting the next. Those simple little things – individually they aren’t life changing, but the culmination of them together make your home at once a well presented, thoughtfully considered and pleasing place to be.

He’s as much the stern Grandfather whose approval of a Job Well Done is noted simply in the absence of criticism, as he is the maternal figure lovingly tucking a crisp white sheet in sharp hospital corners and reflecting on its journey to this point - washed, line dried, ironed, scented, folded and neatly put away ‘just so’, ready and waiting for Fresh Bed-Linen Day (the same day every week… of course.) There is one way to do things. Father Rabbit’s way, of course. His methods don’t require explanation. They are the way they are. Always have been, always will be. He embraces tradition, routine and order. He is the direct reflection of his patch, and that patch is perfection.

Visit Our Stores:

BLOC Mt Eden, Orakei, Herne Bay, Newmarket

You can find him sharing his time between four Auckland retail stores. He’s equally at home amongst the modern polished concrete floors of BLOC as he is within the heritage surroundings of the store at Jervois Road, Herne Bay. Father Rabbit and his wares sit beautifully in these contrasting environs and are a testament to the timelessness of his carefully curated selection of products.

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