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Have a read as we engage in conversations with members of our Father Rabbit community, spanning from our collaborative brand partners to the very homes of our dedicated staff

Father Rabbit Community

Discover the intriguing stories behind the brands gracing the shelves at Father Rabbit and uncover what makes them so dear to Father Rabbit

brand stories

Explore the remarkable individuals featured in our "Father Rabbit at Home" series as we invite you to step inside their homes and learn more about them

father rabbit at home

Discover delicious cocktail recipes, to Father Rabbit's favourite thin pancake recipe. Discover the recipes at the top of Father Rabbit's list


Stay informed about the most recent updates and behind-the-scenes anecdotes straight from our founders and dedicated staff. Keep in touch with the latest from FR himself

father rabbit news

Explore Father Rabbit's beloved tips and tricks, spanning from rejuvenating skin facials to comprehensive spring cleaning checklists, and invaluable garden tool guides

Tips & tricks

Chloe Zara's Hair Routine

As a busy mum of two, Chloe Zara values her self care ritual. Take a sneak peak into Chloe Zara's hair styling routine that helps to always keep her feeling...

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Latest News

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Hair Oil Is Your Friend

Hesitant about using oil on your hair? Don’t be. It seems counterintuitive: many of us have dedicated our hair regime to avoiding slick strands. But hair oils are actually your...

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