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Chloe Zara's Hair Routine

As a busy mum of two, Chloe Zara values her self care ritual. Take a sneak peak into Chloe Zara's hair styling routine that helps to always keep her feeling good. Grab your Chloe Zara Hair products and follow these steps to create an effortless and chic style that will also keep your hair in the best condition possible.


Begin with the Chloe Zara Glossifying Mist to prepare and prime your hair. This ensures a smooth canvas by effortlessly detangling any knots. Plus, enjoy its dual advantage of heat and UV protection.


Next, apply the Chloe Zara Hair Crème to infuse your hair with body and texture for that effortless style. For an added lift, add a bit to your roots. This light weight cream not only enhances style but also helps to smooth any frizz.


Complete the routine with 1-2 drops of the Chloe Zara Hair & Body Perfume Oil. Apply to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair for extra nourishment and additional defence against heated tools. This final touch ensures a luminous, glossy finish for your hair.

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