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The Chloe Zara Scalp Facial

Introducing the Chloe Zara scalp facial, a revolutionary hair care treatment in Aotearoa. Like a skin facial, it deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturises the scalp, offering numerous benefits for hair and scalp health. By following self-care steps like skincare, it ensures unclogged and nourished hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth.

Our daily hair routines expose our hair to various challenges, leading to issues like dryness and oiliness. The excessive use of products can cause buildup on the scalp and hair. For sensitive scalps, this can lead to inflammation, irritation, and hair problems such as thinning, stunted growth, and hair loss.

The Chloe Zara scalp facial includes the Silk Hair Balm and Hair Oil, containing skincare-grade ingredients like Cacay Seed Oil, Kakadu Plum, Murumuru Seed Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and Aloe Vera. These nourishing elements promote hair and scalp health, reducing buildup, and providing long-lasting benefits.

The at-home Chloe Zara Scalp Facial requires just a few simple steps, taking only 30 minutes to complete. It's a routine that can be easily incorporated into your regular self-care regimen once a month to promote healthy and strong hair, as recommended by Chloe Zara.


The Chloe Zara Scalp Facial Steps:
Step 1:
Begin by prepping hair and scalp with the Chloe Zara Everyday Comb. Gently comb from roots to ends to detangle hair and remove any debris or product buildup.

Step 2:
Mix a palm-sized amount of Silk Hair Balm with 2-3 drops of Hair and Body Perfume Oil. Apply evenly to the scalp and massage to stimulate circulation, starting from the nape of the neck and moving up to the crown. Spend 3-5 minutes massaging to exfoliate and promote blood flow. Use the Everyday Comb to distribute the product through the mid-ends of your hair. Leave the treatment on for up to 30 minutes.


Step 3:
After massaging your scalp, rinse out the pre-treatment products. Next, apply the Silk Hair Wash directly to your scalp and hair. This moisturises and seals the cuticle for smoother, shinier hair. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 4:

Remove excess water from hair. Apply Silk Hair Condition to the scalp and hair. This moisturises and seals the cuticle for smoother, shinier hair. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 5:

Lastly, select your Chloe Zara styling product. For a lightweight leave-in treatment, apply a small drop of the Hair and Body Perfume Oil to mid-lengths and ends. Then, use the Glossifying Hair Mist to protect hair from heat styling tools and UV rays.

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