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RAINS Jackets

Here at Father Rabbit we have an amazing range of jackets and coats by the wonderful brand Rains. We thought it would be great to share with you why we love this brand and their products so you can learn a little more about the lovely jackets you’ve been seeing in our stores all this time. Rains comes from rainy Denmark at the edge of the European continent, close to the ocean and with prevailing westerly winds; all factors that contribute to an average of 121 rain days each year. Arising from these rainy weather conditions comes the attitude that a quick rain shower may be beautiful, as well as moody, but first and foremost it requires the right outfit. Rains focuses on the whole experience of going outside on rainy days, issuing an invitation to explore even in the most mercurial weather.Beginning their journey in 2012, the Scandinavian company first launched with just one product, a rain poncho. With great feedback and ever growing love for their products, Rains has since created waterproof bags, clothing and accessories. They are now well known internationally for their quality wet weather solutions that are designed to mix function with fashion. Although the brand grew from the wild and wet weather of Denmark, all of the Rains products are designed to suit global weather conditions. Every aspect of these jackets are carefully considered to ensure they perform beautifully in even the stormiest of weather, from durable fabric down to rust proof zips and buttons. With an abundance of colour options and the majority of the Rains jackets being unisex, it is super easy to find the perfect jacket to suit your lifestyle. The classic jacket is a simple style that we love for day to day wear in the colder, stormier months. With loads of clever features like adjustable cuffs and ultrasonically welded seams, you can trust this jacket to keep you happy and dry. This jacket is also kitted with a cap styled hood to provide extra coverage for your face and hair. If you’re after more protection from wet weather, opt for the longer style of this jacket.The Rains W range and the Curve Jacket both offer the same glorious shield from the wet weather, whilst also emphasising the female silhouette with ties at the waist. These are perfect for complimenting your outfit underneath and can be happily worn once indoors and out of the weather.We also have the Rains Camp Anoraks, a contemporary take on the classic anorak this style is designed as a weatherproof piece of modern street wear that can double as a raincoat and windbreaker. For the sporty and adventurous types out there, we have the Rains breaker. Designed with the same principles as the other jackets, this style has added features to make it more flexible and lightweight so it is more comfortable for exploring the outdoors.Store your Rains jacket in your car or tote bag to always be ready to take on a bit of drizzle without it interfering with your day. Pop into one of our stores to try on this fabulous rainwear or alternatively explore our range on our site now!


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