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Bellroy Wallets

Father Rabbit has been a long time supporter of Australian accessories brand Bellroy. The team at Bellroy established their line of leather wallets in 2010 after endeavouring to design an alternative to the traditional bulky men’s wallet. The slim profile of Bellroy wallets has never compromised how many cards or coins you can carry, but instead has made your wallet all the more convenient. Their approach to design is entirely thoughtful, practical and creative. In today’s blog post, we’ll take you through a few of our favourite pieces from the Bellroy range and highlight our favourite of their design features.

First up we have the Coin Fold wallet. The Coin Fold wallet is great for anyone who still finds themselves carrying change. A pinch opens the coin pouch and releases a leather ridge, making it easy to tip coins out and avoid those awkward fumbles. The back section includes a latch to hold your contents secure, and coins sit flat to keep bulk to a minimum.

The Coin Fold wallet is available in Eucalyptus, Java, Black and Caramel

Then we’ve got the Note Sleeve wallet. This wallet caters for quickly accessing cash and cards alike however it does have a little more storage to offer. It features a coin pocket as well as a storage area for those cards that you don’t find yourself reaching for too much but still want to have on hand. To access it, all you do is pull the tab.

If you’re after something a little bit smaller, the aptly named Slim Sleeve wallet is the more compact sibling of the Note Sleeve as your bills can be folded. For the even more minimalist dreamers, the Card Sleeve wallet is the slimmest style Bellroy offer. Measuring 10.3cm by 7.1cm, this wallet can hold up to eight cards, has two quick access slots as well as a pull tab for your go-to card. 

Interior of the Slim Sleeve wallet (left) and the Card Sleeve wallet (right).

No more panicking when you’re trying to find your passport and check that you’ve got your booking information when making your way through the airport. The Bellroy Travel Wallet allows you to keep your passport and cards in one place alongside a section for paperwork and a pen. The section for your bills is also tall enough to hold any foreign currency without needing to fold any notes. The Designers Edition of the Travel Wallet brings a little more luxury to your travel with subtly tapered edges and a beautiful lining.

The Travel Wallet in Black with RFID (left) and the Designers Edition Travel Wallet (right).

The Hide & Seek, Note Sleeve and Travel wallets are also available in a RFID-blocking option. RFID-blocking wallets are designed to help protect you from a specific type of theft called RFID skimming. This is where information from smart cards, passports and driver’s licenses is read and duplicated. When your wallet is closed, material in the lining disrupts any scanning signals to protect the contents of your wallet being duplicated. So clever!

A firm favourite amongst the Father Rabbit team, the Carry Out wallet resembles more of a classic purse for those who fancy carrying a little bit more. This wallet lets you organise your phone, cash, cards, coins and even a passport in one place. And it’s great that it lies flat when you unzip so you can really see what you’ve got in there rather than fumbling at the checkout. The removable sleeve inside doubles as a fully functional wallet, for when you want to head out with just the essentials on hand.

The Carry Out wallet is available in Caramel, Black, Blue Steel and Charcoal

Whilst the design of main range of Bellroy wallets is largely inspired by a man’s traditional wallet, arguably the entire Bellroy offering is of course suitable for everyone. However more recently Bellroy have used that same mentality of slimming down the everyday wallet to clutch bags and larger purses in their women's range. The Women’s Clutch Wallet features a floating central divider with magnetic closure to keep coins and small valuables safe as well as offering plenty of space for cards and your phone. The Women’s Folio Wallet and the Women’s Pocket Wallet both have space for your phone to slide into it.

The Women's Clutch in Black (left) and Alabaster (right). 

And what’s a stylish wallet without a stylish phone case? Bellroy have continued their overwhelming sense of practically by creating phone cases that you can easily stash your cards into. Having your cards with your phone makes it super easy to pay by payWave or use your AT Hop or Snapper card without taking them out of your case. You can choose from the Phone Case style (available as a case for one card or a case for three cards), the Phone Wallet and the Phone Pocket. The Phone Pocket is currently available in an all conditions version made from water resistant leather and a waterproof YKK zip.

The iPhone 7+/8+ Case 3 Cards in Caramel (left) and the iPhone 7/8 Phone Wallet in Caramel (right). 

Across the entire Bellroy range from the key covers to the clutch bags, environmentally certified leathers have been used for their high standard of texture, finish and soft touch. All Bellroy products come with a three year warranty. As part of their business model, Bellroy pride themselves on a series of environmentally aware principles: their products are designed to be used for as long as possible and the pursuit of a better understanding of their impact and how to reduce it. Father Rabbit is hugely inspired by this outlook.


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