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Released From Love

Exclusive to our Select store, Released From Love is a demi-fine jewellery brand created in Australia by Hannah Roche and partner Lachlan Malone. The two fell in love with the art of jewellery making after learning to hand-craft one another’s wedding bands. 

Released from Love challenges outdated ideas, practices, traditions, and aesthetics of fine jewellery while the name originates from releasing one’s self from traditional standards of beauty, gender norms, aesthetics, unethical manufacturing practices and of love itself. 

Each Released From Love piece is carefully designed and manufactured in Australia by Hannah and Lachlan along with their small team of Australian artisans, using the label’s own “anti-kosmímata” technique. This is a way of jewellery making that combines traditional, fine and modern jewellery methods, enabling the piece to last centuries not seasons. 

Ethical manufacturing is at the forefront of Released From Love, with all of their precious metal suppliers being located in guaranteed conflict-free areas in Australia, as well as being certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council and packaged in a sustainable, FSC certified anti-tarnish bag made from organic fair-trade cotton.

To further combat the waste that runs rampant in a typical jewellery manufacturing process, each piece is handmade to order, so you can ensure each piece is one of a kind and yours to love forever.

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