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Father Rabbit at Home with Kelly Karam

Kelly Karam is the creative force behind BLUSH Flowers. BLUSH's gorgeous blooms and branding have been cultivated by Kelly to become a force within the New Zealand floral industry. Father Rabbit is proud to be partnered with Kelly and BLUSH and love showcasing their beautiful flowers at our stores and events. Kelly kindly had us over recently to photograph her lovely space, and learn a bit more about her journey with her business. Tell us a bit about yourself, your home, and who you live with? Do you have a personal home philosophy?

I am a creative whirlwind and a bit of a workaholic. I own a company called BLUSH and we are leaders in the flower industry. I live with my fabulous 11 year old son Hugo and his dog Freddie Mercury who is a small shitsu maltise cross. We currently live in a cute rental in Freemans Bay and love it. Hugo, Freddie and I have moved a lot in the past few years and have collected some special pieces that add a homely feel wherever we are. My personal style philosophy is clean and modern, but I love to layer by using the odd antique piece.
Tell us about your work career - what have been some of the biggest milestones and and big difficult moments?

I began floristry 20 years ago and quickly started my own business. I opened a flagship store in Parnell, where I completely designed my dream floral environment a concept store and from there I really evolved as a creative through that time with branding BLUSH into a stand out brand which I am super proud of. Sadly the ending of my marriage meant I had to close the store, this was a very difficult time in my career after all the hard work and great success, but the experience took me on a new journey of self discovery realising I was actually a really tough independent woman and I could manage a business on my own as a single Mum and continue to push BLUSH and keep striving to get to where I want to be. What are some of your favourite items in your house, sentimental or otherwise?

A washed out  blue + blush antique hall table I use in my bedroom / purchased from Madder and Rouge in NewMarket and a pair of antique sconces I purchased on a trip driving across France.Do you have a favourite space or room in your home?

I love my bedroom, I have all white bed linen and special items dotted around such as my crystals - its a place I feel calm in. Not to mention this is the room that houses my clothes - and I LOVE FASHION. I love leaving the wardrobe doors open and gazing at them! ;)How long have you lived here and what is your favourite thing about your neighbourhood?

We have lived in this house for approx 6 months, we love being so close to lots of our Fav restaurants and cafes in Ponsonby as Hugo and I LOVE to eat out and its a great dog walking area.What's on your playlist at home?

Rufus du Sol and New Order at the mo!
What are some ways you keep the balance between your home and work life?

To be honest I haven’t found it yet, I’m always juggling everything.
Where do you draw inspiration from and how do you avoid creative burnout?

I have a thing for beautiful books and I have magazines everywhere - I love getting lost in them and I think I take a lot from them. I am fashion obsessed so I draw mostly from designers. In terms of creative burnout - I have learnt to try and surround myself with people that have the skills I don’t to share the load and enable me to clear my mind of clutter so I can focus on the creative side of the business.
How have you cultivated Blush's aesthetic and customer base?

I formed a unique Aesthetic working closely with my sister Amanda Thomas who is our in house photographer. We have developed a strong look and style together - we have have a synergy that really works. Our customer base has been formed by people organically following us on instagram and word of mouth. Who's careers do you admire?

New Zealand designers such as Maggie Marilyn and Paris Georgia.
Quick Fire Favourites:

Book: Calm the Fuck down
Food: Pasta pasta pasta!
Beauty Products: I've just started a range of Meseoestic products - LOVE!
Wishlist: More time off. Would love to be bored and just be.
City: Paris.
Podcasts: Goal Digger and The High Low.
Advice: Don’t complain and don’t explain.
Song: Vouge - Madonna.
Fashion: Love me a dress. At the mo - The Nicks Dress by Maggie Marilyn.

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Beuron Bosman

I am a florist in East London, South Africa & I follow Blush RELIGIOUSLY!I absolutely love your work, Kelly. I found some relatable points in your interview. You are goals!

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