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Father Rabbit At Home With Jaimie Webster Haines

Come with us to take a peek inside the beautiful home of talented clothing designer and DJ Jaimie Webster Haines. As Jaimie took us on a tour of her 1980’s apartment, we chatted about her passions, style philosophy, career milestones and more. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your home, and who you live with? 

I am a clothing designer – my label is called Jaimie. I am also incredibly passionate about music. I DJ under my own name for festivals, clubs and parties. I live in an awesome 1980’s north facing single level apartment in Remuera with my husband Nathan and our seven year old son Zoot.Do you have a personal home or style philosophy?

I have no rules; I mix new and old, vintage and designer. I like to surround myself with things that make me happy, like things I have collected on our travels or from second hand/vintage shops (I am a magpie). I collect scents because I find them to be an important ingredient in creating a beautiful atmosphere, right up there with music, books and art – items with a personality. I don’t like anything too stylised or clean cut, I like to have a bit of fun and be relaxed about it. I heard someone use the terminology of buffet dressing/styling recently and I loved that. You can change the style or colour of your cushions, placemats, towels, duvet cover, clothing, or the scent of a candle – anything depending on your mood that day. In the past I have been described as an elegant tomboy, which I very much like and would say definitely describes the Jaimie aesthetic. As far as designing goes, I am getting more and more streamlined to make those key items we wear 90% of the time perfectly and ethically out of the finest cut and cloth. Have less, buy less and choose well as Vivienne Westwood says! Friends and customers tell me that they feel the most themselves when they wear Jaimie and I think that is one of the best compliments you can get as a designer. 

What are some of your favourite items in your home, sentimental or otherwise?

Our collection of beautiful artworks from some of our amazing friends, we are lucky enough to have wonderful creatives all around us. Our vintage Garrard 401 record player from 1968 and vinyl collection, which Nathan has been building up for the last 30+ years. Our collection of beautiful books from Jaimie Boutique and of course, my Jaimie wardrobe. Talking of friends, our music buddy Tubbs (I DJ at his amazing Body Electric nights at Club 121 in Wellington) and his wife Tamara make Hivern candles. We love Hivern candles and the two inspiring people who make them. It goes hand in hand with the Jaimie philosophy of special people making special items for fellow special people.
Do you have a favourite space or room in your home?

I work from home for both my music prep and my Jaimie Label, so the Jaimie home studio is pretty special to me as it’s where my dreams come true. I also have a small PA (sound system and DJ set up) in the master bedroom with a disco ball, so it can turn from a tranquil haven into a nightclub quite easily. Zoot and I tend to have boogie-offs on the regular which makes us pretty happy!Can you tell us a bit about your career and any big milestones? 

I have already had a long career filled with all kinds of amazing experiences. My avid interest in the art of clothing, design and music, how they are linked, and what/how they contribute to our lives endlessly excites me. I am always creating and learning. As it happens - with time, experience and hard work - I have managed to become good at certain things so that it’s now a part of me. I have worked hard at the craft and art of DJing, learning how to weave music together to tell a story. In the same way I have also worked hard and learnt the craft of clothing design and production, along with the quality involved and what it takes to give that feeling of elation when you wear something. I live a life of art and couldn’t imagine it any other way. I have been to art school, modelled internationally, worked around the world in some amazing fashion boutiques, owned my boutique on Ponsonby Rd, and imported Vivienne Westwood into Australasia which sat alongside many other labels including Jaimie, which is when we started a cult following of the Jaimie brand. Sharing my love of music, learning about the large canon of artists and producers, and being a part of something by DJ’ing many parties and venues worldwide with my husband on the Saxophone has been rather special. It all goes hand in hand with building a rich and exciting life that I love, and it is constantly evolving.Where do you draw inspiration from and how do you avoid creative burnout?

Inspiration is everywhere. The world we live in is full of it, the land, the people, our memories, feelings, and sensations! I am always creating, but I'm not exactly sure where the inspiration directly comes from. I do love people and their endless creativity and talent. Everything to me has the potential to be used in some way to make something, play something, do something, or feel something. Inspiration can also go hand in hand with burnout. If I’m not well rested, I find it’s not so easy to be inspired! At the same time, the more you work, get involved, try things out, meet and be with people - alongside solo time, watch movies, getting into nature, and slowing down with a child, the more inspiration strikes.What are some ways that you keep the balance between your home and work life?

I am still working on this one! I have started by trying to say no to more. Finding time to rest in-between everything, even if it's for five minutes just lying horizontal on the floor. I would also like to fit more exercise in, if any! The little things like eating meals together and trying to have as much time together as a family really helps. Sometimes I need a complete switch off though, because getting the balance right is f***** hard. I work both during the week and on the weekends, so I get tired.

I have three jobs between motherhood, running my Jaimie Label and DJ’ing. If I don’t look after myself, it can all go pear shaped. All these jobs are pretty much inseparable for me though. I have a serious passion for what I do and that makes it easier. At times you have to push yourself to just keep going, especially with the mundane parts of running a business or practicing a craft, but the passion always keeps you going.

Zoot does almost everything with us, we try to include him in as much as we can, especially gigs (not the late night club gigs obviously, but all the rest). This way I don’t feel like we are missing out on being with him in these early childhood years. This includes him falling asleep in our bed at night, yes we are still there! We know this is just a small stage in our life with Zoot being so young, so we want to cherish it. Nathan and I don’t get much solo time together, but we do get to perform together. I DJ and he accompanies me on sax and flute along with our amazing percussionist. That’s pretty magic!
Quick-Fire Favourites:

Food: When in doubt go Japanese.
Books: Currently Reading Tim Lawrence's bible ‘Life and Death in the New York Dance Floor’
Beauty: Aesop. World Organics. Est Pura Studio Chamomile Body Oil. Emma Lewisham nourishing night cream. Maryse Cleanser. I am using Chloe Zara Hair products at the moment and loving them, they leave my hair feeling nourished but still light and full. Hivern Candles!! My new Steve Carr photograph, herbs that I have just planted on our deck, and coffee in the morning from my local espresso bar Tosca after 9 hours of sleep.
City: London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Auckland, Paris, Los Angeles, the list goes on.
Music: Where to start! Nathan Haines is on rotation! Nathan is in the middle of finalising his 11 solo albums and currently has a new vinyl-only EP out on Neroli records in Italy, so we have been hearing a lot of that. I have also been enjoying producers Opolopo and Atjazz more and more in my DJ sets and I am currently listening to Freddie Hubbard quite a lot at home. With the Xmas season, pon Nathan and I will create our Annual Funky Xmas Playlist – we did one on Spotify last year via Zoot Music and it might be time for round two! Find the playlist here 

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