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Father Rabbit At Home With Chloe Zara

Chloe Zara is an Auckland based hair stylist, mother to little Albie, and more recently the creator of Chloe Zara Hair - a luxe line of thoughtful hair care products. Father Rabbit is so excited to be welcoming her range into our stores this Spring. We recently went and met with Chloe at her Auckland home to learn a bit more about her brand and take a peek at her beautiful space. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your home, and who you live with?

I'm a hairstylist with 15 years experience, I have a huge passion for the hair industry. I love beautiful things and creating beautiful environments. I am a mother to one year old Albie, I live with my fiancé Scott and our pomeranian Rupert. We live in a bungalow in Central Auckland.
Do you have a personal home or style philosophy?

Clean, tidy and minimal. Love a natural colour palette.
Tell us about your work career - what have been some of the biggest milestones and any big difficult moments?

There have been lots of difficult moments over the years but also lots of milestones which I am so proud of. Leaving the salon and becoming a freelance stylist was the best decision I ever made, I was 24 and terrified but never looked back. After working from home for six years I opened my beautiful hair studio in Wellesley St. Creating Chloe Zara Haircare with my fiancé Scott is the latest highlight.
What are some of your favourite items in your house, sentimental or otherwise?

I love scented candles and always make sure I have at least two around the house. The most sentimental item would be a Crystal decanter Scott got me, he remembered me telling him on our first date that I wanted to get a few pieces for a drinks trolly and that Christmas he gifted me one.
Do you have a favourite space or room in your home?

I have a chair in the corner of our bedroom that I love to sit in, I love the way the morning sun comes through, it’s a peaceful and relaxing little space.
We're so excited to be stocking your beautiful products! Can you share with us why you were driven to develop these in what could be considered a saturated market?

To be honest I had never thought about the saturated market. For me it’s a passion of mine, an extension of my years as a hairstylist. I have worked with with countless brands and products, discovering there was a need for a brand that was clean, effective and focused on building on the overall health of the consumers hair.

Can you share with us your brand concept of haircare as skincare?

Our formulation for each four products are vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acid rich. The natural ingredients we have used have incredible benefits for your hair much like clean skincare. Omega 3. Vitamins A, C, E and retinol, each pay a vital role in repairing, moisturising and protecting your hair from UV rays and pollution. As women we invest in taking care of our skin daily, we need to do the same for our hair. Treat your hair like you would your skin.
What were some surprises and challenges you faced through the process of developing your product and brand?

COVID-19 has pushed us back a lot this year. Frustrating at the time, but now when I look back I wouldn't change a thing, the extra time has been great in a lot of ways.
We love that your products are made in New Zealand with considered ingredients and recycled packaging! Why was this important to you?

Working in salons you are around a lot of chemicals, so several years ago I realised I needed to be working with hair colour and haircare that was safer, not only for myself daily but also for my clients. I changed all my colour and haircare in my Studio to Clean Haircare and Clean Colour Technology.

When I started the concept for Chloe Zara Hair it was a no brainer to go clean, its the only way forward in the hair and beauty industry. Our ingredients are from sustainable and renewable sources that are harvested in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

Our bottles are 100% recyclable and made from post-consumer recycled material. We are and will forever evolve with our packing.
You share your home with your baby Albie, how has your space changed with him around?

Only slightly. I have removed any special pieces like breakables but still kept our home they way I love it styled. I’m trying to teach him not to touch certain objects, we’re getting there..Quick Fire Favourites:

Foods: Chocolate
Beauty Favourites: Chloe Zara Hair, Emma Lewisham, Hourglass Cosmetics
Wishlist: Chanel handbag - My goal to work towards one!
City: Antwerp, Belgium
Podcasts: How I Built This, Guy Raz.
Advice: Always trust your gut!!
Songs: Key One - Elder Island. Vale - Maribou State. Like an Animal - Rufus.

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