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Father Rabbit's Dish Brush Guide

Father Rabbit's dish brush guide is thoughtfully curated to show you what tools are required for the job when it comes to the task of washing up. Whilst not everyone's favourite activity, Father Rabbit believes in elevating those mundane everyday tasks. And to elevate, we must be well equipped; from bottle brushes and barbecue brushes to brushes to clean wine glasses and the staple dish washing brushes.

Bottle brushes are designed to thoroughly clean milk bottles, vases, baby bottles, juicers, jugs and pitchers. The long handle means it can reach the very bottom of the bottle and the often firm bristles efficiently cut through any mess or build up. Our staple bottle brush is the Bottle Brush with Wooden Handle (no. 1). It's beechwood handle means its a stylish addition to any kitchen sink.

Similarly, the Bottle Brush with Wooden Handle | Large (no.11) is great for larger tasks, wire handle makes it easy to clean through small openings. The coconut fibre bristles on the Eco Max | Bottle Brush | Medium (no. 4) are exceptional for any stubborn clean ups and this brush is available in three different sizes. We particularly love the Eco Max range of brushes because the coconut fibre used is a sustainable material as it's often discarded as a waste product from the husk of the coconut. Best of all, at the end of this brush's life, the bristles can be put into your compost bin where they will breakdown naturally.

Finally, we have the Redecker | Wire Bottle Brush with Black Tip (no. 5). Redecker has been manufacturing quality brushes since 1935 and this is no exception. The black tip on this brush is designed for vigorous cleaning of hard to reach containers and bottles. It's especially great on any water bottles that have a narrow head.

Using a brush designed for cleaning wine glasses minimises any chance of breakage as the shape of the brush lends itself to the shape of the glass and the softer bristles reduce any chance of scratching. The Wine Glass Brush (no. 6) has a flexible wire head to mould to the shape and size of your glass. It's also a useful brush for any food canisters or jars that need a spring clean. For champagne glasses, a Champagne Bottle Brush (no. 7) features a soft wool tip for to reach the base of long stem glassware. The short bristles and long handle also make it a great tool for cleaning any spouts.

Here we come to the true essential piece in your kitchen cleaning and brushes arsenal; the dish washing brush. Dish washing brushes come in a range of sizes and shapes as well as a range of bristles. Gentle, soft bristles are great for cleaning any delicate pieces. We have both the Redecker Black Dish Washing Brush (no. 2) and the Dish Brush with Leather Strap | Black (no. 9). The Redecker brush comes with replacement heads which is great for reducing waste in the kitchen as you're not putting any plastic brushes or bristles into the bin. And you can be super organised an keep a couple of the replacement heads under your kitchen sink for when you need them next. This brush also has a hoop on the end of the handle so that you can hang it up and let it air dry between uses. The Dish Brush with Leather Strap also has a handy tie to hang up by the sink. It also features a curved handle for a good grip when handling glassware. Both of these brushes come in their firmer equivalent; the Redecker White Dish Washing Brush (no. 3) and the Dish Brush with Leather Strap | White (no. 10). Furthermore, the Redecker Dish Brush with Coconut Fibre (no. 8) is another option for effective cleaning.

To take on the tasks of well-used pots and pans and the barbecue, we highly recommend the Pot Brush (no. 13) and the BBQ Cleaning Brush (no. 14). Both ergonomically designed to get a good grip means that a good scrub is less of a chore. The brass wire bristles in particular help remove tough cooked on grease and grime from any grill. It's a summertime essential if you ask us!

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