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FR Project | Claudia's Desk

Part of the Father Rabbit persona is his list of philosophies; to commit to the task at hand, and to do it properly (or not at all). However as with any plans to do things a certain way, life happens! As a result, the space you work in can become a slightly less disciplined container of all the to do lists, samples, paperwork and cups of tea. In today's post, Claudia takes you through the motivations for overhauling her desk at Father Rabbit HQ as well as a few new additions that make the space comfortable, functional and back on track. 

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My main motivation to sort my desk was because my work was suffering from extreme lack of productivity. At Father Rabbit, our busy season is November and December and so we're often running around like headless chickens in the head office and my day-to-day tasks find themselves ever increasingly pushed to the side. Come March however, after summer holidays in January and travelling to trade shows in February, I'm ready to start being organised and get a plan sorted for the year. 

To begin with my desk was an absolute mess; piled high with work to do and supplier catalogues and nothing nice on show from the stores. I felt overwhelmed, so I asked Brody (FR's retail manager and merchandising king) to come in, style my desk with me and basically help me organise my work life.

It really made a difference having someone else do it with me. He made me accountable to the time frame and the task at hand. Brody also made me make decisions about what to keep or get rid of. We've used bulldog clips behind my computer to make an ever changing mood board. 

We brought in some beautiful pieces from the store to give my office a more grown up feel with beautiful marbles and vases. I love the simple glass carafe that neatly sits on top too. We finally put some proper artwork on the walls and now I feel like a professional! Everything around me whilst I'm sitting at my desk brings me joy and happiness so I ensure that I take care of it and put things back where they belong. I also purchased a clear perspex box from Muji which I use to put all my receipts in. So they come out of my bag regularly and go in there. Even if I don't get to them for a few weeks, they are still contained.

I recommend grabbing a large glass vase to add to your desk. I picked a tree branch purposefully to pop into my one because flowers die too quickly and the greenery adds a sense of calm. Similarly, the Bare Bulb Desk Lamp gives a nice soft glow. I also have my Austin Austin Hand Cream right there and I get great joy from it's beautiful packaging. The marble tray contains all my stationery pieces and keep things contained. I've used a Father Rabbit Spice Jar to keep all my paperclips in one place too. 

We have also made a new rule - no work is to be kept on the desk. Whilst our range of Yamazaki is of course great for keeping me on track with having a tidy desk, I also make sure that all my filing is done in Father Rabbit boxes on our charcoal lundia shelves. The work I have 'To Do' is kept in a white painted box. I have to get off my chair and walk over and get the work. I also have to 'put it away' when I have finished using it. It's a real daycare mentality!

The best part about my office is that I have a very long desk so I have my computer at one end and can then move to the other chair and do work that doesn't require a computer. It gives my brain some screen time rest and allows me to think clearly. Standing up regularly to walk over to the shelves to put away work and get something new to work on has meant that I stick to the task at hand and concentrate fully on what I am doing. Multi-tasking is over!

Two weeks in, and I'm proud to say it is still working. I can't help but feel it is rubbing off into other parts of my life now and there is an overall feeling of calmness and organisation. I feel so much better about work. The ideas and creativity are doing wonderfully and I feel like we can tackle another Father Rabbit year. If you'd like to shop my desk, we've made a collection for you to browse here

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I really love this. I actually think having my work kept ‘off the desk’ will be a great solution also, to keep the clutter build up under control. It’s not occurred to me before! And I have been giving this ALOT of thought!!
Thank you for sharing!

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