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Caring for Wooden Drying Racks

Our traditional pine drying racks are crafted in New Zealand for Father Rabbit. As our drying racks are untreated, we do expect a little silvering to appear over time with use. With proper care, you can keep your drying racks performing wonderfully so they stay with you for the long haul.

We heavily recommend storing your drying rack inside only to avoid weather damage and all other wear that comes from being outside.


To stay on top of the silvering on the pine, we recommend using vinegar straight from the bottle. Give the rack a good spray or apply with a cloth and give it a big scrub down. Then use a baking soda mix (half a teaspoon of baking soda to a cup of water) to scrub the rack again and then rinse with water. Finally leave the rack out to dry in the sun and you should have a lovely clean rack again. This mixture also prevents mould from returning. This is the most natural way we have found to remove the mould and it won't leach anything onto your clothes as you continue to use the drying rack. 


If you're concerned about moisture effecting your drying rack, we recommend in this instance to use a natural beeswax to coat the wood to lock in the sap and any moisture. Our favourite product for this is MAXWAX which is available to purchase online from us.

MAXWAX is a unique blend of food grade waxes taken up in a mild, non-aromatic carrier. The formulation is specifically designed to penetrate porous surfaces (such as wood), whilst leaving a thin wax film on the surface at the same time. This not only nourishes the wood like an oil, but also leaves a wax lustre to the surface which can be buffed up to a healthy sheen.

Being a liquid, MAXWAX is very easy to apply with no hard rubbing needed. It will not "cake" in grooves and indentations like a paste wax.

 Our wooden drying racks are a little bit old fashioned but we love them and this sort of wear and ageing is to be expected with frequent use as the wood will absorb moisture if used very regularly. It's all a part of the charm x

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