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Seedlip Non-Alcohlic Spirits

We have been proud stockists of Seedlip’s delicious, non-alcoholic spirits for years and now are thrilled to say we are official partners! 

Makers of the world’s first non-alcoholic spirits, Seedlip is what you drink, when you’re not drinking! Over are the days of settling for juice and fizzy drinks, Seedlip’s three incredible spirits are a delicious and beautiful option for a fancy drink when you’re not after the liquor. Get creative with your cocktail mixes or head over to Seedlip’s website for an abundance of clever combinations that will wow your guests. We adore the idea of having D.I.Y Seedlip cocktail stations at events and parties, this is something we did at Father Rabbit’s 10th Birthday party and it went fabulously. 

Seedlip has three amazing and complex blends that cater to all cocktail lovers and can be mixed with your favourite flavours and garnishes. The bespoke process Seedlip follows to distill their drinks meets the requirements to call the liquid a spirit. A tiny amount of neutral grain spirit (alcohol) is utilised in the earliest stages of the process which extracts the optimum amount of flavour from the wonderful and rich ingredients used. The alcohol is then removed from these drinks using Seedlip's secret method, and the ingredients go on to be blended to bring you the final Seedlip product! It takes clever craftsmanship and a lot of ingenuity to produce these non-alcoholic spirits, no wonder they are world famous!

Seedlip perfectly recreates the ritual, flavour and sophistication of a premium drink. The spirits pair perfectly with a delicious meal and unlike flavoured waters, they are complex and full bodied. Bartenders in some of the most elite bars and restaurants across the world work with Seedlip to create their non-alcoholic beverages.

Seedlip’s founder Ben Branson grew the idea of Seedlip when he stumbled upon a recipe book written in 1651 by physician John French titled The Art of Distillation. The book documented herbal remedies that used copper stills and made use of nature and alchemy to heal the body. This book inspired Ben to begin testing out the recipes in his kitchen, taking fresh herbs from his garden and using a small copper still. Seedlip fully came to fruition when he was served a sickly sweet mocktail in a restaurant one evening, and Ben was pushed to combine his passion for nature, his farming heritage and newfound recipes to create a solution to the lack of sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks. 

Spice 94 was the first of Seedlip’s three spirits and debuted in late 2015 with the first batch of 1000 bottles being snatched up within only three weeks. The demand for this product became clear and since then Seedlip has gone on to produce two additional flavours and has taken the hospitality world by storm. Seedlip carefully sources their herbs, spices, peels and barks and they work closely with their growers and farmers to ensure the harvested ingredients are of the utmost quality and suitable for the distiller. Each drink takes six weeks to make and goes through a bespoke maceration, copper pot distillation, and a blending and filtration process for every ingredient.

Get your hands on Seedlip's world famous spirits online or at our Father Rabbit stores and keep an eye out for upcoming Father Rabbit events where you can give these drinks a try!


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