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Friend of Father Rabbit, Maya Handley established the Florets brand in 2020. Florets bakes incredible sourdough loaves using nutritious whole-grains grown in Canterbury. We are absolute suckers for great bread, so teaming up with Florets was a no brainer! Now with a bakery located in the heart of Grey Lynn, Florets also provides great coffee and a delicious range of breakfast and lunch dishes.Florets keeps practicality and families in mind when baking. Their loaves are natural, nutrient dense, and healthy with no use of preservatives or nasties. Florets 100% whole-grain loaves take longer to dry out because the bran in the whole-grain flour Florets use holds more water than extracted white flour can. Acetic acid produced by Lactobacillus bacteria during sourdough fermentation helps Florets loaves to keep longer by naturally inhibiting the growth of mould and slowing down the staling of starch.The process Florets uses to bake their bread allows the proteins (gluten) to break down into amino acids which allows for easy digestion. The simple sugars in the grain are pre-digested by the wild yeast during the slow fermentation which is great for blood sugar levels. There is a present bacteria in sourdough called lactobacillus that heightens the nutritional value of this bread and aids the digestion.Florets Bakery in Grey Lynn is your go to location for fresh loaves, delicious coffee and great breakfast and lunch dishes. Florets bakery was created with a focus on providing bread that lasts well and nourishes families by using locally grown whole grain flour and the craft of slow sourdough fermentation.Florets Bakery is an intimate space where they like to share their baking process with customers. Inside Florets Bakery you will find a charming staircase to the seating area that leads you up through the baking kitchen. Florets offers a calm and private seating area for customers to relax and enjoy.You can find Florets Bakery in the heart of Grey Lynn at 596 Great North Road.

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