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Jac + Jack Apparel

One of our new hero brands at Father Rabbit Select is the fashion label Jac + Jack. They make stunning staples for women that are elegant and also not afraid to push the limits of design.In 2004, Jacqueline “Jac” Hunt and Lisa “Jack” Dempsey founded Jac + Jack in Australia, born out of a fascination with clothing that balances style and ease. Forever rooted in the relaxed sensibility of its birthplace, the brand now enjoys a unique split of its headquarters between Sydney and design studio in Los Angeles.The unique appeal of Jac + Jack designs lies in a commitment to clothes that feel good when you put them on, using considered colour, cuts and quality, tactile fabrics. Their loyal customers around the world know they can rely on the brand for ideal, everyday pieces that last, as well as unexpected, yet satisfying style solutions for women and men. Jac + Jack explain this themselves by saying “We create versatile clothes with elevated qualities that last and are loved.”For our first drop of this apparel range, we have focused on selecting pieces we think are strong yet easy to work with in the wardrobe. These items are able to outlive trends with their sleek cuts, quality fabric and timeless elegance. Give us a visit at Father Rabbit Select in Newmarket to see and feel the stunning Jac + Jack range. 


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