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Converse Sneakers

The shoe brand everyone worldwide knows and loves has hit our Father Rabbit Select shelves, and we are so excited to bring you the greatness Converse has to offer!Converse has always pushed the boundaries of what a sneaker can do. Whether the person wearing these shoes is spending time out on the court, hitting the skate park or needing a sneaker to master the art of street style, Converse has been there for everyone.Launched in 1908 by Marquis Mills as ‘Converse Rubber Shoe Company’, the company specialised in rubber-soled footwear for men, women and children. By 1910, Converse had begun manufacturing shoes daily, while in 1915, the company switched focus to creating athletic shoes. The brand again altered their direction in 1921 when Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor joined Converse after complaining to the sales office in Chicago about having sore feet. He persuaded the company to create a line of shoes designed purely for basketball, on the condition that he would also work as a salesman and promoter of the new All Star sneaker.Chuck Taylor travelled across the country promoting the All Stars, creating such an impact that the sneaker was later renamed after him and his signature added on either side of the logo. By the 1930s, the All Star was being worn by basketball players throughout America thanks to the influence of Chuck Taylor.

Since this time, Converse has taken a leap from sportswear to streetwear, with millions world wide donning this shoe as the perfect go-to sneaker. We knew these sneakers would fit in perfectly with our apparel range thanks to their utilitarian design featuring sleek lines, contrasting fabrics and solid colours. Whether you pair these sneakers with jeans and a tee, or contrast them against a more elevated outfit, these shoes make a statement and always bring extra character to a look.

To begin with our selection is small, focusing on getting the two must have pairs standing strong in our store offering. But as our following with our new store grows alongside our range, we are excited to see where our mood boards and customers take us with additional Converse styles.


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