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Good Sh*t's NYE Cocktail Recipes

Hello silly season 2022/23! We're well and truly ready for a few celebratory cocktails to seal up the year, and our clever friends at Good Sh*t have pulled through with a fantastic recipe. With three versions of this recipe, you can choose from an alcoholic drink, low percentage or a mocktail. So summery and perfect for a New Years Eve beverage or two!0% (Version 1)

50ml Seedlip Spice, topped with Good Sh*t Tropical, garnished with Peel & Tonic dehydrated lime

Low % (Version 2)

30ml Seelip Spice
30ml White rum
10ml lime juice
5ml vanilla syrup
Topped with Good Sh*t Tropical
Garnished with lime and gold flakes

Alcoholic (Version 3)

30ml dark Rum
30ml Malibu
20ml Lime juice
Topped with Good Sh*t tropical
Garnished with pineapple and pineapple sage

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