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Brody Bakes a Lemon Syrup Loaf

We are getting so spoiled with all the baking going on during this time! And if we aren't able to eat it ourselves, we are still happy to get inspired with new recipes from seeing everyone posting their own baked goods. Today in the kitchen we have the wonderful Brody, Father Rabbit's area manager and buying assistant.Brody has taken some gorgeous photos of his process in baking a delicious looking lemon syrup loaf. He has used a heap of our baking tools in these images, so we'll be sure to link the products so you can enjoy baking with them too. First up he mixed the dry ingredients together, and to do so seamlessly and without mess, Brody used the Stainless Steel Flour Sifter.This is a beautiful shot showing an array of the products Brody has used. Starting from the bottom, we have the stunning Glass Butter Dish. Classically simple and functional, it keeps a slab of butter fresh until ready to spread, and you won’t have to deal with greasy packets every time you want some toast. Also pictured is the Pallares Boxwood Kitchen Knife, Stainless Steel Whisk and one of our fabulous Weck glass jars that are perfect for storing baking ingredients. We have a great selection of wooden spoons and utensils to build up your collection of baking weapons! Here Brody is using our Slotted Wooden Spoon and one of our Standard Wooden Spoons. You can also spot the beautiful Deer Linen Tea Towel that we have in both Cream and Natural.You can't make lemon loaf without lemon, and you can't get lemon juice as beautifully without the help of our amazing juicer. Other than how sweet it looks, the Glass Citrus Juicer also works great and makes juicing for baking or making summery drinks so much more enjoyable.

And here is the lovely final loaf! Brody used the Lemon Syrup Loaf recipe by Chelsea that you can find by clicking here. It looks so delicious, we wish we were there with a cup of tea to enjoy it too. Fingers crossed for a redo once we're back in office! x

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