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Choosing a new dinner set can often be an overwhelming task. There are a lot of different materials and shapes to pick from and usually it’s quite the investment purchase. Whether you fancy a gorgeous organic-shaped collection of dinner plates to sit pride of place on open shelving or you’re looking for an invincible staple set to withstand family life, Father Rabbit’s dining collection has a little something for everyone. Today we’ve teamed our post with a few of our current favourite recipes - which handily feature our key dinner pieces.

Our Perla range of earthenware is handmade in Portugal. The cream colour and the simple little dot detail on the trim make this collection a classic. With dinner plates, side plates and bowls, you can complete the look with the Perla platter and the tea and coffee range of teacups, mugs, teapot and creamer jug set. You may remember seeing the Perla range on the blog before as we showcased the platter and the dinner plates as part of our in-house shoot of Kelly Gibney’s Spaghetti Bolognese.

Bone china dinnerware is another durable option for everyday use. Due to the composition of bone ash and kaolin clay, bone china plates, bowls, mugs and cups can be made all that much thinner and finer. Bone china is known for its resistance to chipping as well as its characteristic white, translucent colour. We have two ranges of bone china at Father Rabbit. The Botswana Botanical range is a nod to Father Rabbit's love of botanical motifs and we have loved the response we’ve had from our customers upon debuting this collection. When we first posted this on Instagram back in March, there was a plethora of comments in adoration! One of our favourites comments noted “these are so incredible - it’s like a party every time you have dinner!”. We can’t help but agree. They are such celebration plates and you can get the tumbler to match!

We also have a very simple white range of bone china. What we love about this range is the choice of two dinner plates; one plate is without any rim detail for a super simple look and the other has a traditional wide rim. This range is really reasonable with prices starting at $19 for the dinner plates and $12 for the matching side plate. It’s important to note too, that bone china is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. And whilst we’re on the subject of caring for your plates, if you ever notice any little silvery-grey fine lines on your bone china, porcelain or ceramic plates, it’s a sign of the nickel content in your cutlery. These little marks can be easily wiped away with a little baking soda and water mix.

A kitchen staple since the 1920s, enamelware is the ultimate all-rounder collection. Formed with glass fused on to heavy-gauge steel, enamelware essentially behaves like a durable ceramic; it is smooth, easy to clean, chemical resistant and the colour won’t fade. Each piece will withstand the hot oven, the dishwasher and if any chips occur, the steel will naturally oxidise giving the range incredible durability and longevity. If you have an extensive enamel collection already, we highly recommend adding a copper cloth or two to your cleaning arsenal as the fine copper threads gently remove any cooking stains from the enamel without causing any scratches.

Enamel dinner plates and bowls are perfect for homemade burgers, a slice of pizza or your favourite noodle recipe.  We love this fresh and simple recipe from Kelly Gibney. Her Crunchy Fish Tacos are best enjoyed with a zesty lime yoghurt sauce and glass of beautiful sauvignon blanc. We’ve also recently stumbled upon Olivia Gallety’s mouth-watering Instagram feed; a total food heaven! We love Olivia’s recipe for this Spiced Chocolate and Orange Bread and Butter Pudding. If you fancied making a little extra effort for dessert this weekend, we’d highly recommend our enamel round roaster to build this gorgeous tower of sourdough filled with sultanas, candied orange peel, vanilla and lots of cream.

For many, Robert Gordon is a household name. As a family business based in Australia that has been running for over sixty years, they’ve created some of the most beautifully shaped ceramics we’ve ever stocked. As such, it’s very difficult to pick a favourite between the Mason and the Earth range. The Mason range is made up of white ceramics with a high gloss finish whereas the Earth range utilises a reactive glaze upon a natural, flecked colour ceramic. Both ranges were initially developed from what could be created on the thrower's wheel before production on a larger scale. Robert Gordon proudly design and develop all of their glazes in house and each piece of pottery is glazed by hand, allowing for slight idiosyncrasies that make each plate and bowl unique. We must admit Kelly's Lemon Thyme Pancakes with Honey and Vanilla Bean Labne look stunning on the Earth range dinner plate.

When you have beautiful ceramics, they truly become multi-purpose. Friend of Father Rabbit, Sarah Tanner, has used the Robert Gordon Earth Bowl to show off her amazing Salted Nut Butter Protein Bites as well as a delicious looking Vegan Nourishing Bowl. You should definitely take a peek at her Instagram feed if you're after bright, nutritious plant-based meals and snacks. 

It is so important to enjoy your dinnerware everyday - even those special pieces that you think you should only bring out at Christmas or for someone’s birthday. Whether you’re plating up a super salad, a quick weeknight meal or creating a beautiful cheese platter, it really does make the everyday more enjoyable.

Claudia xx

Father Rabbit's Spring Growing Guide

If you’re thinking of getting in the garden this weekend, we’ve put together a list of vegetables, herbs and bulbs that are perfect for planting in the New Zealand spring across the country. We're working hard at Father Rabbit HQ in putting together tea towels and beautiful prints with our growing guides on so that you can have this pretty resource to hand at home. Stay tuned!

Planting guide inspired by the Tui planting calendar.

Father Rabbit's Garden Tool Guide

Shop Father Rabbit’s garden collection here

Father Rabbit's garden tool guide is thoughtfully curated to show you the purpose of each of our garden tools and where they’re best used. Having the right tool to hand can make light work of your vegetable patch or flower garden. 

Prepping your beds
In order to get your soil in tip top condition before planting, the soil will need turning and replenishing. The Sophie Conran Twist Cultivator (no. 3) has stainless steel prongs that efficiently push into all soils (including clay, baked and stony types). Simply, push the cultivator into your plant bed or pot, grip the handle and turn in a twisting motion side to side to loosen soil. 

If you have even tougher soils, the Sophie Conran Ergo Hoe (no. 10) might be for you. The shape of the head and it’s sharp blade on the inside rim means that it can be dropped on clumps of soil to break them up without damaging any nearby stems or branches in your beds. When topping up your soil with fresh compost, a trowel (no. 1) is an essential tool. If you’re preparing plant pots with potting mix, the Sophie Conran Compost Scoop (no. 2) is designed to cup a small amount and spill into directly into the pot to keep mess to a minimum.

When you’re ready to plant, Father Rabbit also has the tools. Made from sustainable New Zealand beech, the Seedling Potter (no. 9) allows you to turn your old newspapers into biodegradable seedling pots. You can sow direct into these little pots, or transplant your seedlings, then plant the whole pot direct into the ground. The beauty of this method is the roots remain undisturbed and the paper pot breaks down naturally in the soil over time. 

If you’re planting seeds, bulbs and seedlings directly into harder soils, a Seed Dibber (no. 12) is an invaluable tool. Simply push the point into the soil to make a hole, wiggle around for a bigger hole, drop your seeds or bulb in and cover with soil. 

When you’ve popped your seedlings into the soil, a Sophie Conran Potting Sieve (no. 11) is useful for ensuring that the seedlings only receive a fine layer of soil on top rather than having to battle against larger lumps of earth as they grow upwards. And, in order to remember what you’ve planted where, we have both Slate Labels (no. 14) and Copper Tags.

Tidying up and pruning
Now that you’ve planted, keeping on top of your outdoor space is of course another task in and of itself. Precision Secateurs (no. 7) are great for targeted cutting and work particularly well on woody greenery stems. For a more all rounder pair of secateurs, we have the Stainless Steel Secateurs (no. 6) and our Ash Handle Secateurs.

Pallares (no. 4) also offer a range of blade shapes in carbon steel. Carbon steel requires a little more care however these shears are ultra sharp. For smaller tasks, the Mini Snips have razor sharp blades for de-heading and collecting herbs. The similarly sharp Thorn Stripper takes the work out of tending to roses as you simply pull along the cut stems to strip off thorns and/or leaves.

To keep on top of fallen leaves, the Sophie Conran Hand Rake (no. 5) is designed to fit between plants and under bushes. The springy tines are curled at the ends as not to damage emerging new shoots and they collect, rather than stab, the leaves to save you constantly picking leaves off the rake.

When it comes to weeds, Sophie Conran's Three-Pronged Weeder (no. 13) is especially good at tackling weeds that regrow if you leave in any of the roots. Simply hold the weed in one hand, submerge the prongs around the roots of the plant and twist to remove the offending intruder with all its roots. Couldn’t be easier! If you’re trying to keep on top of weeds poking out of a brick path or pavers, the Paving Weeder is great for getting in between the gaps.

Organising your tools
The Sophie Conran Galvanised Trug is a Father Rabbit favourite. Keep your trug at the back door or on a shelf in the shed so your tools are at the ready to go when you head into your outdoor space. Each trug is handmade and aged to give every piece its own character - so even if you’re a garden novice, you can look as though you’ve been gardening for years! The Hang It Pegboard is also a useful addition to the shed or back door. 

Of course, if you’re less of a gardener yourself, we have the Father Rabbit Gardener’s Box; a thoughtful gift for anyone with a green thumbed friend!

Image sources: Gardenista; Sophie Conran