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Wine Tasting Event with Plumm & Man O' War

Last Thursday we had a wonderful evening wine tasting event at our Herne Bay store. We had 17 lovely customers attend who bought tickets from our website, and then a few of our wine loving staff came along too!
 The evening was hosted by the very charismatic John Meehan from Red + White Cellar. John had the group laughing all night whilst teaching us about the importance of choosing the right glassware to pair with your wine. We learnt so much whilst sipping great wine and nibbling on divine platters.
We explored the Plumm glassware range and how it complimented the incredible Man O' War wines when paired correctly.
Plumm is one of our hero brands here at Father Rabbit, offering amazing quality glassware that is carefully designed to enhance the flavour and aromatics of wine. On the night guests tasted a range of wines in different glassware to see firsthand how the shape and size of a glass can impact the flavour.
For wine, we had no other than Man O' War, crafted locally on Waiheke Island. First we tasted Man O' War's Estate Sauvignon Blanc in Plumm's Vintage White Wine Glass. This perfect pairing made the wine taste exactly as it should, with the shape of this glass dividing the wine on either side of the tongue as it reached the mouth allowing for a more delicate delivery of flavour. 
To compare this flavour with a glass that isn't intended for Sauvignon Blanc, we poured our remaining wine into the Chardonnay glass and were able to experience how this altered the flavour and didn't taste as perfect as it did before. However when we sampled Man O' War's Estate Chardonnay in Plumm's Chardonnay glass, it tasted full bodied and was able to hit the palette as intended. Compared to the first glass we used, the wider lip of the Chardonnay glass allows the wine to flow more heavily onto the tongue giving off a heavier, instant flavour.

Our last glass and wine pairing was with the Plumm Red Wine Glass. Although it is a similar shape to the White Wine Glass, this vessel is larger with a much bigger opening and therefore delivers the wine differently to the palette. In this correct glass, the red wine flavour is full bodied and smooth.
Alongside the glasses of wine, our guests also enjoyed equally beautiful and delicious platters from Catroux, an eatery based in Westmere. These went down a treat.
For those who couldn't make it on the night, we've asked John some questions to summarise some of the interesting things he spoke about on the night. Keep scrolling to read his answers.
Tell us about your experience in the wine industry and where it all began?

I started working in restaurants at 15 years old. Completed my formal training as a chef and front of house service. I have worked in pretty much every part of the industry. Restaurants / music venues / doorman / host / barista / wine professional. Started selling wine 20 years ago and have not looked back. Great way to stay engaged with hospitality people without the late nights and big hours!  Lots to learn about viticulture / wine making / wine regions and most importantly the people.

What does the perfect glass of wine look like to you?

There is a term that I believe is most pertinent here. “There are not great wines, only great bottles”.  As with any experience its all about the entire package.  People, place, timing, location, intent. Best wine and food experience so far?  Touring the wine regions in France with my beautiful lady. Flat tyre in the van just outside of Metz. While we waited for the repair we got a fresh rotisserie chicken, fresh crusty bread, butter and bottle of 98’ Alsace Riesling. Absolutely banging match, sitting in the van in a retail carpark is not the most romantic of spots but it turned a hassle into a really great time!
Can you please summarise the importance of choosing the right glassware for your wine?

When you start to have an idea of the structure of wine and why you are drinking it, the glassware is all important. The correct glassware will accentuate all the small details of quality wine and give a more ‘wide screen’ experience. Also I quite like the ritual / theatre of changing up the glasses when you move through the evening as it makes your guests feel special and pay more attention to what you are actually pouring them.  Whether they are into wine or not, everyone understands flavour and if you can bring that forward it’s a lot more fun.

What stands out about Plumm's glassware?

Outside of the function and durability aspect of the Plumm glasses, the ability to experience wine on day to day basis and then the opportunity to dial up the experience for special occasions.  I really enjoy hosting people at my home and the Plumm glasses encourage engagement in something I really enjoy without having to dive into the detail. That moment when you pour out something delicious and there is a realisation on peoples faces that they are receiving our best version of hospitality at that moment. They are our friends and guests and I love it!

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