Sophie the Giraffe | Soft Toy Set

Sophie the Giraffe | Soft Toy Set


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A gorgeous gift that combines softness and fun!

The set comes with Sophie the Giraffe, the first toy that stimulates all of baby’s senses and a Sophie the Giraffe soft toy to cuddle. With a tinkling bell inside.

Comes in a cotton bag.

About Sophie the Giraffe
Born in France in 1961, Sophie the Giraffe has been part of babies’ lives for 50 years. Each Sophie the Giraffe made today, still requires a total of 14 manual operations. Sophie the Giraffe is made of 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree giving her a pleasant distinctive smell. She is painted with natural food paint. Sophie is also BPA and phthalates free. Sophie the Giraffe is specifically designed to stimulate all five of a baby’s senses. She is slender, flexible and soft, your baby can squeeze and chew her in complete safety. Lovable and amusing, she makes a happy sound when squeezed which stimulates hearing and helps your baby to understand the link between cause and effect. She is perfect for soothing sore gums when teething. Your child will love Sophie!

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