Six Barrel Soda Co. | Soda Syrup | Feijoa

Six Barrel Soda Co. | Soda Syrup | Feijoa

Six Barrel Soda Co. | Soda Syrup | Feijoa

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500ml - makes approximately 15 drinks

This is Feijoa soda is made with fresh feijos for a tartness and unique flavour and lemon zest for citrus notes. Try it with a slice of cucumber or a splash of gin, A great options for picnics, dinner parties or a night in.

This is a soda syrup for making great drinks. It is perfect with SodaStream or your favourite sparking water.

Fill a tall glass with ice, add soda water most of the way, add 33ml of syrup. Stir and garnish with lemon, mint or other fancy things. Refrigerate once open.

Six Barrel Soda Co. make natural sodas and specialty soda syrups in Wellington, New Zealand. Six Barrel Soda Co. grew from a love of classic sodas and soda fountain culture. Established in 2012 by Joseph Slater and Mike Stewart, their soda syrups and bottled sodas are being used around New Zealand and Australia by the best soda jerks, the most creative cafes, restaurants and bars and home soda fans looking for something different.

The name Six Barrel Soda Co. is a take on a ‘sixth barrel’, a small barrel traditionally used by distillers and wine makers for their experimental batches. Their fresh approach to soda making and innovative flavours honour this tradition in a contemporary way.

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