Poppy & Olive | Organic Coconut Butter

Poppy & Olive | Organic Coconut Butter

Poppy & Olive | Organic Coconut Butter

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Poppy & Olive's Organic Coconut Butter is made from 100% organic coconut- that's it.These jars are packed full of goodness such as dietary fibre, essential fatty oils, vitamins and minerals. Coconut is widely considered a super-food and is proven to be beneficial for obesity, heart health, digestion, and contains antibacterial and antiviral healing properties.

Not only is it SO good for you, it is seriously delicious. Warning for all you coconut lovers out there: this stuff is addictive!

Coconut butter can be enjoyed spread on toast, added to curries, smoothies, and porridge for a delicious rich coconut flavour, melted over fruit and berries for a healthy dessert, added to vegetables a flavour kick, and is great in baking.

Natural oil separation may occur causing a solid white layer on top. Simply warm and blend back together.

Our coconut butter contains no additives or preservatives and is naturally gluten free and vegan.


Poppy & Olive's nut butters are proudly made in Auckland using only the best quality (and local where possible) ingredients.

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