Jute Leaf Sacks

Jute Leaf Sacks

Jute Leaf Sacks
Jute Leaf Sacks
Jute Leaf Sacks

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An open weave sack to collect leaves, then leave to create wonderful leaf mulch for next season.

- 100% biodegradable.
- Imported from England.
- Sold as a pair.

These open mesh sacks for collecting leaves and composting to leaf mould are not only hydro-carbon free and 100% bio-degradable, they are also ideal for storing produce. Fill with slightly damp leaves from your garden and simply leave them in a shady corner until the following year. This will produce a wonderfully nutritious soil conditioner which is slightly acidic, making it an ideal mulch for beds and borders.

Is the idea they break down with the leaf matter so you use them just the once?
Yes! They expand and take a great deal of leaf matter.

How much do they hold?
95 cm x 65 cm - but they are open weaved and can stretch very far. More leaves can be added as it composts, and when you pack and squish leaves down, alas it is rather an unspecified amount. Suffice to say a very large pile.

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