J. Friend & Co. | Northern Rata Honey | 160g

J. Friend & Co. | Northern Rata Honey | 160g

J. Friend & Co. | Northern Rata Honey | 160g

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Considered by many to be one of the finest honeys in the world, Northern Rata honey is a treasured treat when available due to the sporadic flowering season of the Northern Rata trees. Creamy white in colour with a distinctive taste of the sea, Northern Rata honey is harvested from within the magnificent golden bay region of the south Island of New Zealand.

Creamy white in colour, delicate but interesting, Northern Rata is a mellow and buttery honey with a smooth, silky finish. Not overly sweet and with hints of earthy mushroom notes.

Northern Rata honey pairs well with white mould cheese such as camembert and brie or fuller flavoured washed rind cheese. Its diverse flavour profile makes it a great all round honey suitable for a variety of culinary purposes.

Please note, as honey is a natural product, colour and clarity may vary depending on the season in which it was harvested, this does not affect the quality of the product, only its appearance. 

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