Crepe Pan | 20cm

Crepe Pan | 20cm


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Whether you wrap them around sweet or savoury fillings, crepes transform breakfast into a special occasion. Crafted of blue steel with an up tilted handle a design that's remained virtually unchanged since the early 17th century this French pan is essential for turning out light, tender crepes.


Solid blue steel construction.
Sloped sides facilitate flipping and removing crepes.
Up tilted riveted iron handle is designed to help smoothly swirl batter and turn crepes.
Ideal for use on any type of cooktop, including induction.
Requires seasoning
After seasoning, the pan needs little additional fat to make 12 crepes, if not more, without sticking. 


The De Buyer Blue Steel pan is lightweight and has a hole in the handle for hanging. 
The edge of the pan is low, making flipping crepes easy. 
The pan also can be used to saute ingredients.


The pan is not dishwasher safe.


Allow pan to cool before washing.
Hand-wash in hot water without detergent; dry immediately.
Season the pan before first use: rub interior with oil and place in hot oven. After each use, hand-wash in hot water without detergent and dry thoroughly. Oil regularly to maintain seasoning.


Made in France, 20 cm diameter.

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