Revol | Revolution | Ceramic Casserole Dish 16cm

Revol | Revolution | Ceramic Casserole Dish 16cm

Revol | Revolution | Ceramic Casserole Dish 16cm

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The Revol Revolution Caserole Dish is a premuim, multipurpose, ceramic adaptation of a traditional earthenware Dutch oven. The combination of function and form in its design enable it to be used in the kitchen and brought straight to the table. You get the performance of an utilitarian casserole dish and the beauty of a serving piece.

Impeccable cooking - porcelain holds the heat, bakes evenly and maintains the temperature.
Easy care - easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
Food safe - made of culinary-grade porcelain for 100% safe cooking.

Because it has been fired at a very high temperature (1320°C / 2408°F), Revol porcelain is 100% non-porous. Unlike other culinary porcelains, Revol porcelain does not absorb oils or odours. It therefore does not affect the taste of your food and guarantees perfect hygiene. It is not necessary to soak your dish before your first use, as the porosity of Revol dishes is 0.05% (in contrast to the 0.5% porosity of most other culinary porcelains). Designed to last, the smooth and resistant enamel on the porcelain does not scratch, and is easy to clean thanks to its inherent non-stick attributes.

Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 12.5 cm
Made in: St-Uze, South Eastern France

Do not use over flames, even when using a heat diffuser, as the flame concentrates the heat in one spot and the dish may break (For the Revolution range, a gas hob is safe).
Do not subject your dish to extreme temperature changes.

- Oven Safe (Up to 300°C / 572°F)
- Gas Hob Safe 
- Electric Hob Safe
- Microwave Safe
- Dishwasher Safe
- Freezer Safe
- Not Induction Compatable

Instead of a traditional cast iron Dutch oven, discover a new, revolutionary way to cook, simmer, roast and serve with Revolution. Revol's collection of Dutch ovens offers the best casserole dishes you can find on the market. Revolution casserole dishes are lighter than cast iron and they are also easier to wash! Made of healthy and natural materials, they don’t release any chemicals or heavy metals and they don’t absorb food, fat or odors. The base and lid are made of porcelain for a healthy cooking option, and the design is simultaneously modern and elegant. Cook and serve in the same pot.

Since 1768, nine generations of the same family have run Revol.
They are manufacturers, traders, merchants and master potters, from father to son. Everything started in Lyon, France, when Pierre Revol and Magdelene Carrier, who came from two potter families, got married. The Drôme grounds had then very specific properties and offered all the resources needed to create a stronger and more resistant ceramic. The quality of the clays and sand, and more specifically the kaolin deposits, were the main factor in the manufacturing of the first Revol clay. Pierre and Magdalene didn’t know that they were about to launch a company that would last over 200 years.
The second generation of the family opened a workshop in 1800, in Saint-Uze, France. Soon, the workshop grew into a factory, and through determination and innovation Revol remains a quality ceramic producer to this day.

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