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Bellroy | iPhone - Phone Case | Tamarillo


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A minimal phone case that doesn’t compromise your iPhone. With clean lines, rounded edges and a super slim profile, you’ll barely notice your phone has a case. Crafted from flexible polymer for strength, and full-grain leather that ages well, rest assured your phone’s protected from everyday bumps and scratches. They've chosen the best – polymer for strength and grip; microfiber for cushioning; leather for the way it takes on your life story.

This case is all about the iPhone, with a clear focus on simplicity, curves and clean design - adding protection without taking away from the beauty of the phone. Even after making it incredibly thin, theres still enough space to hide a few bills between the case and phone, then snap them in tight. Now that’s a slim silhouette.

- uper slim profile
- Soft microfiber lining and chamfered edges

Two Sizes Available:
- iPhone 6 / 6s
- iPhone 6+ / 6s+

Care instructions:
If your leather case gets too wet it is best to dry it slowly. Speed drying leather changes its chemical structure, and you can end up with stiff crinkle cut chaos. So aim for room temperature drying with gentle air rather than direct heater time with a hair-dryer. On the other hand, if your leather case gets too dry, pick a light leather dressing or cream that is made from reasonably natural ingredients and doesn't have colouring in it. If your leather gets dirty, it is best to use a damp cloth.

The Bellroy phone cases are designed in Bells Beach and Fitzroy across the ditch and manufactured in India and China. All leather is made under world-class environmental stewardship standards.

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