Floret's Sourdough

Floret's Sourdough is a wonderful new brand that we are delighted to be partnering with. They make the most delicious rye and whole-wheat sourdough.  This is an amazing start up by Titirangi local Maya Handley. We are absolute suckers for great bread, so teaming up with Florets is a no brainer for us!

Florets keep practicality and families in mind when baking, so their loaves are nutrient dense and time saving with their incredible delivery service. Their bread stays fresher longer than your usual loaf, and comes in a versatile shape that can cater to toasting, slicing and sandwiches. This bread is natural and healthy with no use of preservatives or nasties.

The process Florets uses to bake their bread allows the proteins (gluten) to break down into amino acids which allows for easy digestion. The simple sugars in the grain are pre-digested by the wild yeast during the slow fermentation which is great for blood sugar levels. There is a present bacteria in sourdough called lactobacillus that heightens the nutritional value of this bread and aids the digestion. 

They have started out by delivering straight to West Auckland families freshly-baked. We are supporting Florets by providing a weekly pick up point at our Herne Bay store on Thursdays.

Florets uses an ordering system for their loaf pickups and deliveries, so that they know exactly how much they will need to bake to ensure they only fill up tummies, not the waste! The bread industry is often fast paced with cheap and low quality ingredients that can result in a lot of waste. Florets strives to divert from this waste.

We are making Florets even easier to get your hands on as Father Rabbit Herne Bay is now an official pick up point for bread on Thursdays. Just be sure to preorder your loaf by midday Tuesday on the Florets website and use the code PICK_UP_FR to remove the shipping, then come in to collect it from our friendly team anytime after 12pm on Thursdays at 232 Jervois Road, Herne Bay. In great timing for Saturday lunch plans!

Friend of Father Rabbit, Maya Handley created the Florets brand in 2020 and works out of her commercial kitchen gorgeous old fruit packing shed in Oratia, Auckland. Before pursuing this dream, she lived in Brooklyn, New York and would bake sourdough as a hobby and gift it to family, friends and neighbours. After a recommendation from a friend, Maya attended a bread making workshop hosted by the famous American baker Sarah Owens. This ignited the idea and passion for baking as a career, and she went on to study Artisan Bread Making at the International Culinary Centre in New York. She is committed to sourcing sustainable and locally grown whole-grain flour.

Keep your eye out and your appetite full if you attend any of our future events, because we will be sure to have some sourdough on hand for you!