Kokako Coffee

We are so excited to announce our new brand partner, Kokako! Kokako is a local brand we admire and are leaders in fairtrade and organic coffee.

Kokako knows their stuff when it comes to sourcing and producing excellent brews, and we thought we could learn a thing or two so the Father Rabbit team took a trip to Kokako’s roastery, right in the heart of Mount Eden, Auckland. You can’t get any more local than this, with the roastery being within ten minutes drive of all four Father Rabbit stores! It’s in this great 400 metre squared space that Kokako roast, grind and package all their delicious coffee blends on the daily. We loved seeing first hand where the Kokako beans are processed and transformed into the delicious coffee we get to enjoy at work and at home.

Mike Murphy bought Kokako in early 2007 and has since grown and warped the brand significantly within the hospitality space. When giving our team a rundown of the brand, Mike took pride in the way Kokako has drawn a line in the sand and always kept their values at the forefront of their decision making. They vow to never compromise on being fairtrade and organic, and to always be very transparent on their processes.

Kokako holds a deep respect for coffee, by always considering those who grow the beans and the environments they encounter. They tick all the boxes for the morally and environmentally conscious folks. They have worked really hard to ensure all their processes, from harvesting beans to distributing their products are completely carbon-neutral, fairtrade and certified organic. Kokako gained their organic certification from BioGro New Zealand, which guarantees their products are created without any animal testing, genetic modification or synthetic pesticides. 

Kokako can be considered pioneers in the sustainable food packaging realm, with their clever compostable packaging being a game changing aspect of their products for over four years. Except for a small plastic valve on the back of their bags, you can pop your empty coffee packaging straight into your home, work or commercial compost heap. Kokako recommends cutting up the bag into smaller pieces to speed up the breaking down process.

Three of Father Rabbit's personal favourite Kokako products includes two amazing coffee blends and a to die for, completely natural drinking chocolate! 

Kokako’s two ingredient, all natural drinking chocolate, is perfect for a sweet treat at night or served iced in the day. Made from just fairtrade, organic cocoa and golden cane sugar, it is a perfect and indulgent drink. Suitable for vegans and coeliacs this powder contains no nasty fillers, emulsifiers or preservatives. Simply add 3-4 heaped teaspoons to your choice or hot or iced milk, and enjoy! We love adding this to gift hampers for our friends and family with a sweet tooth.

The Aotea blend is a medium-bodied juicy coffee sourced from Fairtrade Organic cooperatives in Papua New Guinea, Honduras and Sumatra. These beans are suitable for all brewing methods, just select if you would like them ground or as whole beans. With a fuller body than Aotea, our second coffee Mahana is a chocolatey blend that is sourced from Fairtrade Organic cooperatives in Ethiopia, Sumatra and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This blend is best suited to espresso and plunger brewing.

We are so chuffed to be working with Kokako. Grab yourself some Kokako products for an easy coffee fix!