USA Pan Bakeware

We have just received a fabulous range of bakeware from USA Pan, with each product carefully designed to ensure your baking comes out perfect and delicious every time! We thought it would be a great idea to let you know all about USA Pan’s product features and how to look after your bakeware!

The USA Pan brand all began in 1959 with two entrepreneurial brothers John Bundy Sr. and Russell Bundy who set out to launch a commercial bakeware company. After lots of hard work and many delicious treats later, the Bundy family had grown their business into the largest commercial bakeware manufacturer globally. In 2009 the family launched the USA Pan retail brand with the goal of providing commercial quality bakeware to homes across the world. They now have over 50 years of experience in creating fantastic bakeware products and four generations of the Bundy family still operate the business from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

USA Pan’s products are perfect for home baking by even the most junior of bakers, but the high quality materials also make it great for the more professional bakers out there. Their range is made with heavy duty aluminised steel, allowing the bakeware to offer wonderful heat transfer, durability and resistance. We recommend that you monitor your oven temperature and duration for the first couple of times you use your new bakeware to ensure the best results. Do not exceed temp over 230 degrees as this could possibly compromise the silicone coating. A lot of the products also feature steel wire in the rims, this helps to avoid that super annoying warping that happens with most bakeware over time.

The pans feature a rib like surface that works to evenly bake your goodies by allowing heat to flow beneath the mixture in the oven. Not only does this texture help with heat distribution, it also reduces the amount of contact between the pan and your baking, resulting in an easier release when finished so you can savour every last bit of your baking.

With impressive quality products like these, some love and care is required from you to keep your pieces performing at their best.  To avoid damaging or chipping the USA Pan products, we suggest sticking to your silicone, wooden or nylon utensils. While using these products, it is best to stay away from sharp metal utensils as these are likely to be too abrasive for the coating. We also tend to avoid using cooking sprays with the USA Pan bakeware as they can potentially stain. To wash your bakeware, gently scrub with a sponge and mild dishwashing liquid in warm water. Harsh abrasives can lessen the effectiveness of the non stick coating so the good old fashioned sponge will treat your bakeware best! It’s best to wash your products soon after use and dry them thoroughly to keep them looking fabulous.

If the high quality of this bakeware hasn’t quite sold you yet, you can rest assured knowing that all of the USA Pan bakeware holds a warranty. Your bakeware will be happily replaced if you find any issues related to the materials, coating or workmanship after general household use and following the care instructions. We are so excited for all the yummy goods we can whip up with this glorious range of bakeware!

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