Susukoshi Baby Clothing

Shiny and new to our stores is the sweet Susukoshi baby range. Stripped back to put baby’s needs and comfort first, this brand has wonderful clothing and accessories that will always tick the box for little one’s wardrobe staples.

In 2016, mothers and friends Eve and Maggie founded Susukoshi after struggling themselves to find basics for their children that at once were comfortable, high quality, could be effortlessly styled and were able to outlive fashion trends that may come and go. They designed the Susukoshi range with the goal of making pieces children would love and mothers would appreciate. 

The Susukoshi label takes inspiration from Japanese design and architecture in the way that they focus on simple details while highlighting functionality and quality. The brand’s name itself translates to ‘little’ in Japanese, which not only signifies that this range is for children, but also sums up their humble scale of production in which they thoughtfully hand pick fabrics and colours used in their pieces. “At the end of the day, Susukoshi was born not to compete but to make a difference in the world of the little ones.”


There are set rules and morals Susukoshi as a company follow to ensure they are doing their part to care for our people and our earth. All workers involved in the chain of production receive fair pay, fair treatment and work benefits which in turn means these items are made with love and happiness. All Susukoshi products are sustainably made as they are 100% free of toxic chemicals, they only use natural dyes and are fair trade, which is important when designing clothing for our precious little ones. 

Susukoshi creates all their pieces with the idea they will be made in beautiful quality, organic cotton. Organic cotton farming relies on natural factors only, with no harsh chemicals or processes involved that would put any workers or buyers at risk. This means no synthetic pesticides or fertilisers are used to grow the cotton, instead weeds are managed by hand by the farmers, and pests that may interfere with the crops are controlled by introducing natural predators like beneficial insects and other plants that deter the trouble making insects. Thanks to all this extra care that goes into the growing of this organic cotton, this fabric is much safer than standard materials and much better for the environment.

Our offering of Susukoshi clothing and accessories for babies and children are in a range of lovely colours and simple, easy to wear styles. Have a browse through our collection online or at our Father Rabbit Select store in Newmarket to get new favourite pieces in your little one’s wardrobe.

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