Scent of Home

Scent of home was founded in 2013 by Melbourne based husband and wife team, Nathan and Kristine Brown. Kristine is the power behind SOH together with esteemed perfumer Francois Merle-Baudoin. Their bespoke candles are inspired by the purity, freshness and simplicity that they associate with Australian nature.

Their candles are a blend of Australian soy, beeswax and candle grade paraffin. This ensures not only a long burn time, but an even burn so you can get the best out of your candles and avoid the dreaded tunnelling. Scent of home uses a high concentration of fragrance oils in their candles to ensure they maintain a consistent level of scent throughout the burn.

These candles come in beautiful glass, brass and iron vessels, these beautiful vessels can be recycled or reused through your home. To help get the most of your candles, before lighting your scent of home candles for the first time, trim the wick down to 5mm before burning and after lighting make sure all the wax on the top of the candles is melted before blowing it out to prevent tunnelling.

Father Rabbit also stocks the beautiful SOH room sprays, which were introduced to the collection in 2018. Beautifully presented in 100ml glass bottles, these fragrances can be used as a room spray and for freshening up your linens.

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