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Sans Ceuticals Body + Hair Care

New and proud to the shelves at Father Rabbit is the beautiful Sans Ceuticals range. Rich, natural ingredients paired with environmental consciousness and a passion for hair and beauty, this brand truly has all our best interests at heart. Like Sans, we believe in the importance of looking after your body to pay it back for all the amazing things it does for you.

Lucy Vincent, founder of Sans Ceuticals has a fresh approach to self care that allows her to stand out amongst the rest in the New Zealand hair and beauty game. In the past she has successfully run three beauty clinics, visionary international collaborations and she has earned herself multiple top Australian hairdressing awards that speak volumes of her passion and knowledge for beauty and hair. Like us at Father Rabbit, wellbeing is of utmost importance to Lucy, and combining this with her focus on natural science she has created this amazing brand with stand out products. “The more I learned how ingredients & cells work, the more I desired to create a product that was good for both our bodies & the environment, whilst actually delivering results.” Lucy Vincent refers to the Sans range by saying it is  “a convergence of everything that really matters to me—pure, sustainable, highly active and considered.”

This product range is pure whilst giving results. With high doses of active ingredients in each formula, these treatments stimulate cell regeneration, help to relieve sensitive skin conditions, work to reduce scar tissue and repair damaged hair. As our skin is the largest organ on the body and absorbs 70% of what we put on it, Sans Ceuticals focuses just as much on what they don’t include in their ingredients as what they do. They produce their products without any of the nasties that many common beauty products contain. This means that they do not test on animals, and don’t use any artificial colours, fragrances or bleaches. No sulfates, silicones, steroids, petrochemicals, parabens , phthalates or vinyls are in the mix either so these products are lovely and safe to use on the most precious of skin.

Protecting the planet is at the heart of the Sans Ceuticals brand. They have had their processes, ingredients and materials looked over and accessed by a Professor of Environmental Science to ensure they are working in the right direction to create as little waste and harm as possible. Sans prides themselves on being fully transparent with their customers and are always open to reconsidering their systems to do the best they can.

The aluminium foil tubes that many of their smaller products come packaged in are 100% recyclable and fit for home recycling bins. Other forms of their packaging comes in PET, food-grade plastic that is BPA free so there is no room for nasties to creep into your home and your skin. Each quality ingredient used in Sans Ceutical’s formulas are derived from sustainable resources and are 100% biodegradable. 

We have hand picked our favourite products from the Sans Ceuticals range to bring to our customers. Tried and true, these gorgeous formulas won’t let you down. Treat your skin and hair right x

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