On Sundays

The latest arrival to our Father Rabbit Select store is the gorgeous tea range by new and exciting brand On Sundays. This brand fits into our offering perfectly and makes lovely little gifts for tea loving friends.
On Sundays was born out of the desire for a moment of calm. Created in exploration of balance. Among the many nourishing qualities you get from steeped herbs, a cup of tea is more than that. It’s a reminder to slow down and take a deep breath. Allow yourself to savour the present moment and to acknowledge how you feel.
On Sundays founder Chenae Sketchly hand blends all of the beautiful teas in her Auckland studio using only organic ingredients. She consciously develops the brand's blends in a way that not only makes them taste great but so they are easy on the environment too. Each loose leaf tea is free from artificial colours or flavours and comes packaged in gorgeous recyclable packaging.
On Sundays doesn't use any tea bags for their blends, allowing for more natural flavours and higher levels of nutrients in the tea. Regular tea bags also often contain glues, bleach and chemicals, so avoiding these by opting for a loose leaf tea results in a pure brew.
To maximise the health benefits in their tea, On Sundays use large cut leaves and flowers. This also makes it such a treat when making your cup of tea because these combinations look beautiful.
Discover On Sundays in store at Father Rabbit Select in Newmarket, or shop online here x

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