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The MD Paper manufacturing plant, Tokyo, Japan. Est. 1960.

Father Rabbit is proud to launch MD Paper. A beautiful, simplistic Japanese brand whose attention to the craftsmanship of their products is fuelled by the awareness of the importance of using the right tools on a daily basis to write; whether jotting down feelings, small ideas or big plans.

MD Paper are perfectionists when it comes to the materials and processes used in manufacturing. To create the paper, broad-leaved trees are used, as opposed to conifers, to produce the wood pulp as they create a much smoother finish to the final product. Similarly, only filtered water is used in processing to ensure the right colour of the paper. The MD Paper team rely heavily on their senses to ensure that the resulting mixture of the pulp and water is to their own high standard.

Once the mixture is rolled into sheets and dried, further inspection takes place to asses thickness, weight and colour.

Crucially, ink smearing and ink drying speed are also thoroughly tested. Different types of pens are used during this inspection to ensure the pens can move smoothly across the page with no bleed through from the ink.

The integrity of MD Paper's products speaks to the Father Rabbit philosophy of if you're going to do it, do it properly or not at all. We love how MD Paper have achieved such simplicity in their notebooks, paper pads and stationery that they are forever holding themselves accountable for setting this standard. 

This standard can of course be seen in the notebooks and paper pads themselves and the incredible thoughtfulness in their design. Cheesecloth is instead used to reinforce the structure of the book, rather than a traditional heavier weight paper cover, and allows it to lie flat on your desk. This is a real game changer for any notebook or stationery lover; it makes all the difference! Furthermore, the A4 blank pad is cut in on one corner so that you can grip just the right part of the sheet to when turning the page. So clever! To protect the front and back of the notebook and paper pad, each comes with a paraffin paper. Your notebook can happily be popped into your handbag or backpack and it'll stay pristine! Available in a grid format, ruled lines and a blank pad.

No notebook is complete without a great writing pencil. Not only will they look like the perfect pair on your desk - the pencil is the same colour as the paper used to create the notebook...genius! - this pencil is designed to sit comfortably in your hand and the B lead is the best weight for sketching and jotting down ideas. 

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