Mimmi Terra

Say hello to Mimmi Terra, a new bag brand at Father Rabbit Select we think will quickly become a cult favourite. Mimmi Terra designs gorgeous tote bags that are creatively hand made from 100% recycled plastic. These sustainable bags are not only great for making use of old plastic, they also look gorgeous and are the most versatile bags we've ever used! Keep reading to learn all there is to love about Mimmi Terra.
Based on the east coast of Australia, Mimmi Terra began with the vision of creating a brand that was reflective of the untouched coastal environment that surrounds them. Days in the east coast are long and spent under the sun and by the sea. This (dreamy) lifestyle requires a go-to bag that can take you from the beach to work, with the ability to run some errands in between!
With this motive, Mimmi Terra has successfully designed bags that you can call your perfect side-kick. They're both practical and sustainable, big enough to carry your fresh produce from the market but still lightweight for everyday.
Each design is made entirely of recycled plastic, this includes bottle caps, plastic lids and straws. These materials share useful features such as heat resistance and durability. The result is a bag that you can rely on for everyday use.
Not sure about you, but we much prefer this discarded plastic in this gorgeous bag form as opposed to filling up our waste. The use of recycled materials lowers the demand for the creation of new materials. Waste sent to landfills and incinerators is reduced and natural resources are conserved. By using recycled plastic future pollution is minimised as the need to create new raw materials is reduced. As well as the morals regarding sustainability, these bags are plastic and in turn vegan friendly!
Another bonus of these totes recycled plastic construction means they are a breeze to clean and maintain. All of Mimmi terra's eco totes can be hand-washed in lukewarm water with an eco-friendly or natural detergent using a material cloth. Don't forget the inner and outer edges and corners where fine particles can hide. Air dry your tote by leaving it in a cool shady place. The cleanest daily bag you'll get your hands on!
Discover Mimmi Terra online or in store at Father Rabbit Select, 6a Kent Street, Newmarket x

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