Paper made out of stone?! We were just as intrigued as you are to find out how such a thing is even possible! Our innovative new stationery brand Karst brings this idea to life in their fabulous range of notebooks, planners, and even wood-free pencils.

Karst is an Australian brand, based in Sydney, born out of the determination to find an environmentally sound alternative to traditional paper products, upon the realisation that paper isn’t going away anytime soon. 
“The world has been hit with tough decisions about the future. Forced to consider conscious choices about what matters to them. To draw a line between necessity and redundancy. Entire industries are going to be left behind.”

Karst’s B Corp™ certified, biometric approach to product and system design takes into consideration the full life-cycle of a product as well as its enduring impact on the ecosystem it exists in.

Karst Stone Paper™ is made of 80-90% crushed stone (calcium carbonate) and 20-10% non-toxic resin which is used to bind the stone particles. The end result is much like traditional paper, except it is waterproof, tear resistant and smoother than it’s wood-pulp counterparts. No trees, no water, no bleach, no acids, and no toxic chemicals are used to make this revolutionary product. At the end of its lifetime, Karst products can be recycled just like regular paper, however unlike traditional paper recycling, no harmful gasses are released into the environment. Karst products are also photodegradable and will be completely gone in 9 to 12 months if left in nature, without the exhaustion of any harmful gases. 

With a product line ranging from notepads and weekly planners to soft cover pocketbooks and A5 hardcover journals and much more, all your paper needs are covered, without harming the environment.

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