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Jeanerica Denim

Father Rabbit is all about investing in quality, beautiful staples that elevate your everyday, so finding the perfect denim brand is a must for our fashion range! The fantastic range of jeans by Jeanerica  fit into our offering so well and tick all the boxes when it comes to premium quality and style.

Lena Patriksson and Jonas Clason launched the Jeanerica brand in 2015 after many successful years already working in the fashion industry. The duo first met years ago when they worked together at H&M, then Lena went on to found a public relations company whilst Jonas became the head of denim and special projects at the very well known line Acne. Their first partnership before Jeanerica was when they joined forces to start the accessible and ready to wear clothing line Whyred. 

Jeanerica began with the idea of creating a conscious and refined collection that was small yet included strong and classic styles. In the founder’s words the range is “modern but timeless”. Inspiration for the brand came from America and David Bowie, and they stand strongly by Yves Saint Laurent’s quote “I wish I invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, and simplicity. Everything I hope for in my clothes.”


The Jeanerica range practices restraint, they invest their time and care into the few styles they do have so they can ensure their pieces are really strong, as opposed to spreading their attention across a large range of styles and diluting the quality and thought that goes into them. These jeans are constructed to last, made in Italy from sustainable, high quality organic cotton and finished using the best techniques available. 

Our Jeanerica offering is available to view and try on at our Father Rabbit Select store in Newmarket and as always you can shop the collection online here!

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