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Hôtel Magique

Hôtel Magique was founded by creative Milou Neelan out of her studio in Amsterdam. The brand and its name stemmed from a trip to the US where Milou came across a beautiful piece of golden Japanese momi paper. When she got home she painted herself a ‘hotel-vibe’ artwork for herself saying 'Hôtel Magique - 8th Avenue & 51st - Open crazy late'. She then fell in love with the graphic and the word ‘magique’. The brand was born!

The brand is based out of the Netherlands, but Milou designs and produces her work from her home in Bali, which is fitting for the holiday, summer vibes her paintings evoke. Hôtel Magique produces their prints on a variety of mediums. At Father Rabbit we carry their A3 and A2 prints, gift cards, and the ever-popular t-shirts. The paper used for the prints is Munken Lynx 300gm. This is FSC and PEFC certified (the "gold standard" designation for wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable).

“In love with exploring new worlds and hopping hotels along the way, artist and print designer Milou Neelen stumbled upon a piece of beautiful golden Japanese momi paper during a trip to dreamy Portland.


Back at her studio in Amsterdam's city center, she painted the text Hôtel Magique - 8th Avenue & 51st - Open crazy late on the fabric-like paper as an artwork for her living room.


Fallen in love with the combination of the words hôtel and magique she started building a brand around the name that captures the fleeting moments of travel turned into timeless art and magique souvenirs."

Father Rabbit have stocked Hôtel Magique from the very beginning, it has been a brand proudly stocked for many years, both the prints and recently the clothing being among favourites within the community shopping customers loving the modern feel and sense that travel is brought into the home. 

We're excited to now finally be collaborating with Hôtel Magique on our beautiful 2022 Weekly Diary for next year. Milou designed the cover for us in her signature style and we just adore it! This diary is online now and you can purchase it by clicking here.

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