Father Rabbit is about investing in quality, beautiful staples and newcomer to Father Rabbit Select’s collection, Foemina offers just that. Foemina was born from a desire to create a modern uniform, reflective of Foemina’s founders Rebecca and Holly’s love of exploration and function, infused with a purposeful femininity.

Masculine and feminine, pragmatic and empathetic, Foemina’s vision reflects a foundational approach to dressing and explores the idea of forming a modern utilitarian dress code for the contemporary minimalist.


Foemina embraces slow fashion and through careful design and considered construction, each piece is made to stand the test of time. They truly believe that less is more and by offering a capsule collection of versatile, refined and timeless pieces, Foemina transcends seasons and trends.

A large part of their business is to involve and support their local industry by working with small businesses to complete sampling and manage their marketing within Australia.

Foemina are conscious of their environmental impacts so their processes are constantly evolving. In an attempt to reduce wastage, Foemina only produces necessary stock, with their bulk production being on a made to order basis. Foemina are also heavily focused on their material choices which ultimately affect the look, feel and wearability of their finished product. All of Foemina’s garments are made using 100% cotton, a zero waste and responsible fabric.

Foemina is committed to sustainable fashion and it is their mission to be socially and environmentally responsible with their priorities being to source organic cotton and provide reusable packaging.



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