Father Rabbit is about investing in quality, beautiful staples and newcomer to Father Rabbit’s offering, Des Sen offers just that. Designed in New Zealand, Des Sen’s collection is made to be worn during quiet moments of your day and blur the lines between sleepwear and daywear.

Designed with longevity, versatility and sustainability in mind, Des Sen’s approach is to use less products more frequently. Each style is designed to take you from the bedroom, to the living room and beyond.

Des Sen takes inspiration from the ancient Buddhist philosophy Wabi-sabi, which translates to ‘wisdom in natural simplicity’. This is the thread that underpins everything Des Sens does. 


Des Sen believes that when you slow down, the smaller moments of life become more beautiful. Simple daily rituals cultivate a connection with self, leading to greater happiness. 


‘Take a breath, come back to yourself’

Des Sen’s philosophy includes treating our beautiful planet and the people on it with respect. 


Des Sen’s collection has been carefully curated and manufactured to align with their philosophy, by using European flax linen and natural low impact dyes that make their collection hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and environmentally friendly. Des Sen’s range is designed in New Zealand and manufactured in small family-run factories who are committed to producing sustainably and providing a safe working environment as well as fair living wages for all of their employees. 


Des Sen’s philosophy also extends beyond manufacturing right up until you make a purchase with them. Des Sen aims to reduce their carbon pollution and give back to the planet by planting a tree for every order placed. Des Sen currently plants trees via Ecologi and The Eden Projects in Madagascar.


 You can view their progress here.

When shopping Des Sen’s collection you can sit comfortably knowing that your purchase has been created with kindness and respect for the environment and people. 

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