Cultiver Linen

Cultiver is one of our most loved brands here at Father Rabbit, by both our customers and our staff! We are New Zealand’s exclusive stockist of Cultiver, supplying our customers with gorgeous linen pieces that are thoughtfully created with quality at the forefront of design.

Founded by Nicolle Sullivan in Australia, the Cultiver brand embraces having quality and beauty in the objects we use in our homes everyday. Their products look effortless and timeless, with a link to the relaxed way of Australian life.

At the heart of Cultiver’s fabulous products is the high quality materials they use. Our range of Cultiver is packed with gorgeous linen pieces that feel and look amazing in the living room, on the table and in the bedroom. At Cultiver they know that to get the most amazing linen, they need to seek materials that are derived from European flax. Flax is a super sustainable crop that is also fantastically resilient and grows better naturally than other crops used for fabrics like cotton. Cultiver sources their linen from Europe as the climate is wonderful for growing the flax plant into the highest quality globally. Once harvested, the flax is then dyed to a desired colour, then woven into fabric and ready to be made into Cultiver’s gorgeous products.

Once this beautiful linen has been transformed into bedding, table cloths, cushion covers or more, Cultiver then carries out one more step to get these products feeling gorgeously soft and preserving their longevity. The linen is stonewashed with natural enzymes which speeds up the softening that naturally comes with every wash as linen ages. This gives your linen that vintage feel from the very first use! Without the incorporation of an enzyme wash, it would otherwise take years to achieve this feel in linen.

We stock a lovely colour range of Cultiver’s bedding and cushions, with all colours working effortlessly together and having a timeless look that never goes out of style. If you’d like to test the waters before purchasing your beautiful new linen, we offer swatch samples so you can choose the perfect colour for you and your home! Get in contact with us to order your swatches.

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