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Compagnie De Provence

The new and natural Compagnie De Provence products are now available at Father Rabbit. Made from at least 95% naturally derived ingredients, Compagnie De Provence offers a natural way to take care of yourself – and your home.

Compagnie De Provence aims to provide the most natural formulas possible, without compromising on effectiveness or sensorial qualities. You'll always take pleasure in using them.

‘Natural formulas that tantalize the senses and respect the environment.’


For Compagnie De Provence, it is particularly important not to use any controversial ingredients in their formulas. That's why 100% of their products are free of parabens, mineral oils, aluminium, sodium laureth sulphate and triclosan. 


Provence is a beautiful region, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, while also being close to the sea. Compagnie De Provence appreciates their natural environment, making them even more aware of their environmental impact, which explains many of their actions. For example, Compagnie De Provence is working on the biodegradability of their rinse-off products. Their shower gels, liquid dish soaps and Marseille soap cubes are perfectly biodegradable, so they can go back into nature without leaving a trace! 


‘We design products that are seriously good, but don't take themselves too seriously! That's the promise of Compagnie De Provence!’

‘We love beautiful objects.’


For the past 30 years, Compagnie De Provence iconic 500ml liquid Marseille soap bottle has been made from glass. Not only is glass an infinitely recyclable material, it is also recognized as being the ideal material to preserve the quality of formulas. Compagnie De Provence formulas are already beautiful but the design of their bottles makes them even more so!


Compagnie De Provence stocks 1 litre refills, so you can fill your glass bottle with soap over and over again. It's better for the environment – and your wallet! For those of you who prefer bottles that can cope with anything, their iconic bottles are also available in a 300ml format, made from recyclable and unbreakable plastic. Soon, Compagnie De Provence will be offering bottles made from recycled plastic.

Compagnie De Provence bottles were not just designed to be beautiful; they were also designed to be practical! As one of the first companies to introduce using a pump bottle for hand soap, they provided a new and easy way for people to wash their hands that also fits in with their modern, busy lifestyle. And because they believe in responsible packaging, Compagnie De Provence boxes are made with card from sustainably managed forests.

‘Exceptional vegetable oils at the heart of our formulas’


Over the years, Compagnie De Provence has forged close links with local producers, in search of high-quality ingredients to offer the essence of Provence in bottles.

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