Lighting the way at Father Rabbit is the timeless British brand Anglepoise. The Anglepoise lamp has subsequently achieved iconic status and its engaging, anthropomorphic form is recognised and admired all around the world, especially at Father Rabbit.

Since the first blueprint for the Anglepoise task lamp was created by vehicle suspension engineer George Carwardine in 1932, the Anglepoise lamp has been developed under the careful watch of the founding Terry family, without ever losing sight of its primary function, and unique, characterful form. 


"A tool for enlightenment"

From the creation of the original 1227™ lamp, to the development of extended collections by esteemed industrial product designer Sir Kenneth Grange, to recent collaborations with renowned designers Paul Smith and Margaret Howell, incomparable British design remains at the heart of this progressive British brand.


‘The Anglepoise is a minor miracle of balance, a quality in life we do not value as we should’ - Sir Kenneth Grange

Since the beginning of 2020, Anglepoise has been working towards the goal of stopping the tidal wave of products that are designed for obsolescence and destined for the landfill. On the 20th of January 2020, Anglepoise implemented a lifetime guarantee which covers lights purchased for a domestic setting. With the guarantee to try and repair your Anglepoise product if a problem arises, Anglepoise hope to avoid their products getting caught in the tidal wave of items heading towards the landfill.

Today, Anglepoise lamps can be found in homes and offices, restaurants, bars and hotels in more than 50 countries. And now you can also find Anglepoise’s timeless lamps at Father Rabbit. 

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