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We’re so proud to have launched the first phase of our new look website in June. We were a little quiet about it at first and we wanted to make sure our customers were enjoying the new easy navigation and the improved product listings but now we’re ready to show it off. Redesigning the website has been a big team effort for the Father Rabbit head office and we couldn’t be more proud. In this blog post, we’ll take you through some of my favourite new features.

The main aim of this redesign was to simplify the large navigation menu at the top. It was getting a little crowded with our expanding lists of categories and we felt like it was increasingly difficult to find what you were looking for. We took a step back and planned how best to divide our collections of products. It became clear that Father Rabbit, as an online store, can easily divided into four spaces: Home, Baby + Child, Wardrobe and Gifts.

By separating each of these categories, we had a little more room to play with. Under ‘Homewares’, for example, we have ‘Dining’ and here you can quickly access our three staple dinner sets: bone china, the Mason range from Robert Gordon, and the Perla ceramic range. Similarly, now when you’re shopping across our wardrobe, we’ve created categories for women’s clothing and accessories and our hero brands.

We were also super excited to give our product listings a little spruce. Our first thought was that the product name needed to be clearer as well as the text in the description so we made both of those larger and easier to read. We’ve also added in a dedicated space for finding those all important product dimensions and care instructions where necessary. As well as a space to note our delivery times and returns policy. It was really important to us to get this essential information in the right place for you. We have added the related products feature and recently viewed items.

In each of our clothing and footwear listings, we also now have a handy pop out brand specific size guide. That way, you can find your size easily whether you're shopping our Commoners t-shirts or our Veja sneakers. This soon will be activated across our baby and children’s clothing range too.

We also now have a handy link at the bottom of the product listing to shop the rest of a product’s brand or range. So if something takes your fancy, you can see what else you may like.

We’ve had product reviews available on our website for a wee while. They’re a really great way for us to get feedback from you as our customers as well as being a really neat way to share your thoughts with other shoppers. We’ll occasionally send you an email to ask for a product review on a recent purchase. Otherwise, if you’re browsing the website and you want to add a review to a Father Rabbit buy that’s well loved in your home already, you can simply add your feedback there and then - we’d love to hear from you!

In addition to the nitty gritty of the product pages, one of the biggest motivating factors for redesigning the website was so that we could design and create more content for our Father Rabbit Co-op. The Father Rabbit Co-op is our blog and resource space on the website. Which is where you are now reading this post! Our aim with it is to bring together tried and true ideas for the home and recipes that should never be forgotten. It is also a space where we can introduce you to the talented people that make and create the things throughout our homes. Over the past few months we’ve been sharing stories from some of our hero brands as well as debuted our FR Projects. Most recently, we took you through my pantry and I shared some of my favourite pantry organisation tips. We’ve got big plans for this space so keep an eye on it! And please, feel free to comment on our any of our posts. It’s so great to have this new way to interact with our customers. 

Redesigning this website couldn’t have been possible without our amazing team including Charlotte Pecover (our E-Commerce Manager) and friends of Father Rabbit, Lucy Slater and our web developer Natalie Leigh. They’re the clever cookies who re-worked the navigation and the product listings and got it all up and running just as we wanted it to.

Coming up in stage two are wish lists, gift registries and more filters. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch! 
Xx Claudia


Jul 19, 2018

Great work. It looks amazing!

Jul 19, 2018

I love this update, as well as the other blog posts, and look forward to navigating the new layout. Thanks x

Jul 19, 2018

I Love FR!!!

I think it would be great if you had a ‘wishlist’ option…. then makes shopping quick and efficient when ready to spend! x

Jul 19, 2018


Lucy Slater

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