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Laundry Soak

Murchison Hume



Suitable for all washable garments including silk, cotton, linen, woollens, all delicates, knits and most synthetics. Also safe for use in front loading washing machines (not to mention top loaders and the humble bucket). So convenient!

Murchison-Hume's Luxury Laundry Soak is First Class treatment for your favourite garments. From rugby socks to Rochas, if you love it, soak it! Our highly concentrated, yet easy-to-rinse formula protects your clothing from the rigours of the washing machine. Your garments will not only look better for longer, you'll be saving your hard-earned dough (and another needlessly expensive trip to the Dry-Cleaner). There's another added bonus: Secondary down-drain benefits that improve the condition of your wastewater before it hits the eco-system. So you're not just saving the saving the Prada, you're also saving the Planet! Good for you.

If you want to use it for Machine Washing...

It is absolutely fine in both top and front loaders because its a low foaming formula. The worry with detergents in machines is always the excessive bubble factor. 

For a normal wash I would use about 3 capfuls in a top or front loader, but the amount used should be adjusted dependant on how soiled/large the load is. 

Just check for your front loader... as for a very large or soiled load I would tend to pour in a good 5 or 6 capfuls, which may be more than a front load detergent container can handle. 

For the really grubby stuff, we recommend a good soak first, or a mix of evil powder and a bit of lux Murchison Hume laundry to balance out the fragrance!

1 Litre

Australian White Grapefruit: The signature scent. Not a straightforward "citrus", this is a lighter, more subtle blossom fragrance. Imagine crushing a grapefruit flower between your fingers. Lovely. A classic scent that's perfect for clearing household odours all year round.




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