De Buyer 22 cm Frying Pan

De Buyer 22 cm Frying Pan


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Professional Blue Steel Frying Pan.
Extra Strong Quality (min. 2mm thick)
This pan is perfect for sealing, frying and browning. Thanks to its thickness, it is suitable for the strong heat sources used in professional kitchens. Blue steel is steel that has undergone a heat treatment which gives it its bluish colour, and which protects it before use against oxidation.

Care:Heat the pan well before use. Once cooking is finished, do not leave food in the pan. To ensure the pan keeps its properties and in order to avoid oxidation, wash the pan in hot water without dishwashing liquid. Then wipe immediately with a paper towel. Then oil it and store in a dry place.

De Buyer France, since 1830.
The de Buyer company was founded in 1830 and has been creating and manufacturing the best kitchen and pastry utensils for the professional and does all to help you preserve the greatness, the traditions, the charm and above all the delicious flavours of French gastronomy.

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